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Full Version: Thanksgiving Weekend game?
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I'm currently overseas in Korea, and won't be home with the wife this Turkey Day (but will be home for Christmas).  So, I've got a lot of time on my hands this weekend, if anyone is looking for an opponent, or just wants to pick a fight.  ;D

I'm GMT +9.0 hrs, but will get up early or stay up late.  Its not a problem.Just drop a line here!

Hey Trip, I'd be interested in playing you, I'm pretty competent at the game but this would be the first time I network played with anyone. So. If you're interested just tell me what other info you might need. Smile
I to would be open to throw down.  Have a hand full of games played and just ran off my only friend who plays.  So I am in need of fresh meet for the grinder.
Well Gentlemen, I can suggest you PM me with your times available and Earthly locations.  I see no reason we can't do a three-way King-of-the-Hill (or similar) scenario!

- Tripler
There is also: if you can be available sometime at (or after) 1pm Central Time (US) on Friday the 29th. It is open for all.

I'm pretty sure grinders are usually free-for-alls with each player getting a new 'Mech once their current one is destroyed.