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Full Version: Repairs can't be done until "all other parts scrapped/salvaged" . . .
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Having a heck of a time figuring this one out.  I've repaired all damage to a Sentinel 3LB, to include the arm, armor, etc, and have nothing left on the left torso but to replace it.  After I remove/salvage all components of the left arm, I'm left to only replace the left torso.  However, I can't because I get:

"Impossible.  Repairable parts in Left Torso must be salvaged or scrapped first. They can then be re-installed."

I'm showing no further work to be done, and even when I go into 'Salvage' mode, I don't see anything on either the left arm or left torso that can be salvaged.  :o

Am I missing something?  Can someone point me in the right direction?

- Rob
The Arm cannot be on there either, you have to remove the Arm to replace the Torso... Maybe the message should be a little clearer?

It always makes me cringe when I try to repair a Side Torso and roll a 2 (Needs a 6 rolls a 2) because then I have to think about whether its worth tearing the whole thing apart to replace the Torso, leave it with permanent damage, or just sell the whole darn thing.
(06-07-2014, 11:15 AM)Sidewinder link Wrote:The Arm cannot be on there either, you have to remove the Arm to replace the Torso... Maybe the message should be a little clearer?

I did that. . . and strangely, it still gives me this message.  I have pulled everything off this Mech from the LT and LA that I can find, including scrapping Gauss Rifle ammo bins.  I'm starting to think maybe I should just embrace this suck and sell the thing.

- Rob
Check for that lovely XL engine that occupies space in each torso. I have found that I have to yank it out to replace a torso a bunch, and the engine is usually damaged to boot and hard to repair.
I have noticed from time to time that some broken parts will disappear or never show up as needing to be removed. These are normally actuators that do not show up in the repair list yet are show as checked off if you try to edit the damage. Haven't figured out why it happens.. but fiddling with the edit damage section sometimes helps. Make sure to count the parts that need to be replaced then check the opposite side to see that the list for the left matches what you can salvage from the right.

I looked, but it was just Endo Steel in that location.  I can't remove that, as far as I could tell.

Well, I could not figure it out, and eventually broke down and sold the dang thing.  I'll keep this thread open for awhile, 'cause I've noticed it once or twice before I opened the OP.  I think it'll probably happen again. . .

- Rob
If it is in fact a bug, having the campaign file would be very helpful for finding and fixing the bug.
. . . aaaaaand of course I saved over the file with a new version. ::facepalm::

I apologize, I though I'd saved a copy of that file.  If it happens again, I'll bump the thread.
Its been like that for a while. A quick fix is to save once your sure you salvaged everything. Close HQ, reopen and load and it should correct itself.