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Full Version: New Map Hex Images
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muti-hex house/apartment
more multi-hex house/apartment
more multi-hex house/apartment
Sport Club
Oh hell yeah we need these.
If you had images for all four types (Residential/light, industrial/medium, heavy industrial/heavy, military/hardened) and lunar/mars theme ones I would dev put them in my tileset and try to get em to work with the generated map settings and in MM.
Forgot to attach the atmospheric file as sample calling. Anyway, sorry nope. Don't have the full set. I'm doing as required by my map. You can use the single houses as random single hex medium building. But I use type, CF, elevation and basement to control. Forgot to post the garden trees... Will do in half day later
Sample: How I call them out.
Some commercial buildings
Commercial Buildings
Commercial Buildings

Edit: Slight changes
Commercial Building

Edit: Slight changes
New pavements
Reworked on this.. the previous was a bit dull.
I will be using that ^.  What do you think about having 2-lane roads with cars on them for road:2 instead of the goofy trees bordering the roads?
Go ahead, make a beautiful map from it. Smile

Road:2 not advisable to use because it's supposed to represent the road type if implemented. Anyway I thought about it before but decided not to add cars on road because let's say I'm doing a deserted highway in the middle of somewhere and I'm not expecting any cars etc. Thats why. I can give you my car template for you to copy and paste if you want.
Yes I would like the car template please, I was going to just cut them out from your buildings at first.  I switched my roads:2 to your 2-lane roads which look better and higher resolution.  I never liked the tree roads.  I tried yesterday to draw power lines and stop lights over your roads but, just look kind of a mess so, going with cars.
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