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Full Version: Will not open on El Capitan
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Hello all
My old laptop was stolen, and my new macbook runs OSX El Capitan.
When I try to open MekHQ or MegaMek, nothing happens. No alert, no plugin error, nothing.
Any idea what I can do to get this up and running again?

Might want to try these suggestions..

but I'm not the Mac xpert here
I'm going to say the same thing I say to everyone at work (I was in IT and managed laptop acquisitions until this 1st of this year, and people still ask me for advice): Install Homebrew. Once that is done, 'brew install cask'. If that doesn't work, do 'brew search cask', and whatever it has been renamed to do 'brew install' on that.

Once you've got brew and brew-cask installed... do: 'brew search java'. It should tell you that it's in Caskroom/cask/java or something similar, and the next command you should run is 'brew cask install java'. Anyway, that's the gist of it, brew changes from time to time so I usually double check my information before putting it out.

Once you're done installing java via brew, you should be able to run the app. If not, then we'll need to do some more in-depth debugging.
Sorry for the long delay.

I went through, did Homebrew and followed your install. Now when I try to open MekHQ (stable) it says the file was damaged. Deleted it all, downloaded again, and same result.
Tried the 0.3.2(5)? and it works. Thank you for the recommendation!
Good to here, there is a newer version available as well.