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Full Version: MekWars Dominion: Grand Cycle X [August 26, 2016]
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W W W . M E K W A R S - D O M I N I O N . C O M

2765 Era Campaign

Behind the façade of trade and cooperation, man's eternal greed and lust  for power lays in wait. The Lords of the five Great Houses scheme and plot against one-another, creating shadowy feuds and conflicts which threaten to undermine mankind's Great Experiment: The Star League. Each member jockeys for position to become the driving force behind the League's might, blinding them to a greater evil being conjured from the darkness of the Periphery.

MEKWARS DOMINION allows players to participate in the most pivotal age of BattleTech history. Centered around the events of the 2760s, players work to strengthen their faction's position within the League, conquering land and experiencing the era's most iconic battles, including the Star League Civil War.

Users familiar with the 3025 era will find many of the same units available during the 2765 time period. Mechs and Vehicles carry advanced technologies which Succession Wars armies could only dream of. The armies of the Member States and Territories were highly advanced, with production soaring during a time of excess.

As usual, I've listened to player feedback on the previous cycle and made changes, for a smoother campaign!

• Repairs will be in effect for this cycle. Careful balance of your hangar will be needed, since units with Advanced Technology will be much more expensive to maintain!
• Terrain tile sets have been updated for a cleaner look.
• A generally tighter economy based on cycling units will be in effect. This will make it a little bit tougher for veterans to maintain a 'groomed' hangar.

• Choose from among the seven available factions: Capellan Confederation, Draconis Combine, Federated Suns, Free Worlds League, Lyran Commonwealth, Rim Worlds Republic or the Territorial States.
• Play using canon-inspired Unit Formations, bringing the most iconic Regiments to life.
• Direct-buy units from their factories using Real Cost. Each factory gives a slight chance at its upgraded, Star League version!
• Level your own pilots! No automatic leveling here: RPG skills and piloting/gunnery increases may be purchased for your pilots as they gain XP.

Download the Client and Join the Fight!
I will be resetting the server tonight, in preparation for our cycle tomorrow. The new client will be uploaded, which will include nearly 300 revised and new camo schemes.

Please join us any time after the reset to start campaigning!!
When I go to download the client, it tells me that there is nothing there.
(08-31-2016, 10:59 PM)Agito Hazen link Wrote: [ -> ]When I go to download the client, it tells me that there is nothing there.
Thank you kindly. Downloading now.
Apparently the hyperlink was broken. It's since been fixed: