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Full Version: Running MegaMek from Eclipse
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I'm having trouble running MegaMek from Eclipse. When I launch it via Run or Debug, I can get the main menu, but no graphics. "Start a New Game" results in a Java IO exception after I set up the username and password.

The exception message is:
Could not initialise: data\images\units\mechset.txt (The system cannot find the path specified)

megameklog.txt is full of similar messages.

I'm new to Java, Git, and Eclipse so advice would be appreciated.
You need to adjust the run configuration in Eclipse and make sure that MM is running from the right directory (it needs to start from the in the <repo>/megamek directory, where the data directory is). I think the option is on the second tab editing the run configuration, towards the bottom. You may also need to add the i18n directory to the classpath.