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Full Version: Battletech, A Time of War, Pirates MekHQ Campaign
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Are you tired with you lot in life and want to stick it to the man or women if it's the magistracy of Canopus, looking for 3-4 brave piratesĀ 
The game will be using roll20 for the RP and megamek for battles the game is more sandbox like where what you want to do and the goals you want to set are up to you.
The campaign is set in the year 2991 third succession war starting on the edge of canopien space in periphery we are 3 sessions in but not much has gotten done aside from heavy RP and a raid so we still got room for swashbucklers.
We often play on sundays at 7:30 Est but the time is flexible if you are a great fit.
If you are curious who we have so far we got a captain called the Lord Marshal, A marine commander, A mech tech and a mechwarrior who may or may not be leaving.
If any of this interest you i would be glad to speak to you on discord at Lasttemplar#0318 my only requirements are you have a mic, you have ambition and you are friendly and want to have a great time feel free to hit me up with any questions are concerns.