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Full Version: entitystatus.txt
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I do love the entitystatus report the game creates at the end of every battle. Unfortunately, I forgot how to read it.

Let's look at a quick example

Model: Assassin - ASN-21
Pilot: Anna Latifi (4/5)
--- Armor: 30/72-------------------------------------------
--- Internal: 34/67----------------------------------------
        FRONT             REAR                INTERNAL
          ( 8)                  (**)                    ( 3)
     /xx| 6|10\         /xx| 4| 2\            /xx|12|10\
    (xx/ || \xx)       (     |   |    )          (xx/ || \ 4)
        /  /\  \                 /  \                    /  /\  \
     (xx/  \xx)              /    \                 (xx/  \ 5)
(these diagrams never come out right on a forum)
Head        : Life Support,Sensors,Standard Cockpit,Sensors,Life Support
Center Torso: Engine,Engine,Engine,Standard Gyro,Standard Gyro,Standard Gyro
             Standard Gyro,Engine,Engine,Engine,Jump Jet
Right Torso : Jump Jet,Jump Jet,Jump Jet,LRM 5,LRM 5 Ammo (23)
Left Torso  : ***Jump Jet,***Jump Jet,***Jump Jet,***SRM 2,***SRM 2 Ammo (44)
Right Arm   : *Shoulder,Upper Arm,Lower Arm,Medium Laser
Left Arm    : *Shoulder,*Upper Arm,*Lower Arm,*Hand
Right Leg   : Hip,Upper Leg,Lower Leg,Foot
Left Leg    : *Hip,*Upper Leg,*Lower Leg,*Foot
SRM 2 Ammo: 44
LRM 5 Ammo: 23

So really quickly I can see that the 'mech has 30 pts of armor, and 34 pts of IS, 44 salvos of SRM 2, and 23 of LRM 5 ammo.
Everything in the head, center torso, Right Torso, and Right leg are clean and salvageable.

I'll assume "*" means destroyed.
What does the "***" indicate?

And what is indicated by the "x" in this part of the report?
Head        : Life Support,Sensors,Standard Cockpit,Heat Sink,Sensors,Life Support
Center Torso: *Engine,*Engine,*Engine,*Standard Gyro,*Standard Gyro,*Standard Gyro
             *Standard Gyro,*Engine,*Engine,*Engine,*LRM 10,*LRM 10
Right Torso : ***Heat Sink,***Heat Sink,***Jump Jet,***SRM 6,***SRM 6,***SRM 6 Ammo (7)
Left Torso  : Heat Sink,Heat Sink,Jump Jet,LRM 10 Ammo (11)
Right Arm   : *Shoulder,*Upper Arm,*Lower Arm,*Hand,x Large Laser,x Large Laser
             x Small Laser,x Small Laser
Left Arm    : Shoulder,Upper Arm,Lower Arm,Hand
Right Leg   : *Hip,*Upper Leg,*Lower Leg,*Foot,***Jump Jet
Left Leg    : Hip,Upper Leg,Lower Leg,Foot,Jump Jet

Thank-you for jogging my memory.

Figured it out. Played a few games and kept notes, and got what i basically needed.

x, *, and ***: not available for salvage/damaged
+: available for salvage/not damaged

Yes, I can just import the MUL into MekHQ and do the repairs there, but I like to do some of the work on paper (like during lunch at work).