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Full Version: Ammo Bin repairs?
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Have a Griffin -3M I picked up as salvage.  I killed it with an ammo explosion and I've repaired everything on it except the LRM-20 Ammo Bins.  I have the ammo, but HQ won't let me repair the bins and there aren't any replacement parts for it anyway.  Help?
You may need to scrap the ammo bin and then use your techs to aquire a new one. Just right click on the componant you can't repair and select Scrap.
Hope this helps.
I found that, just is strange, because the cost is 0 c-bills. 
Ammo bins are a strange beast. They are clearly listed as a distinct repairable/destroyable component in StratOps, but they are not a real piece of equipment in terms of the construction rules in the TechManual. Therefore its not clear what to do with them when they need to be replaced - thus 0 weight and 0 C-bills. Frankly, I think its a "bug" in the official rules and I have been meaning to craft a question for TPTB about it. I would prefer a rule where ammo crits were just automatically cleared when you repaired the internal structure or when you replaced the location, or something like that. 
Sorry to bump a really old thread, but I'm having the exact same issue in the latest MekHQ release (latest, not stable.)  Three times now I've had to replace a Bin, but replacements never show up (when used normally, they vanish as soon as they arrive, and GM > Complete Task does nothing.)  You also can't scrap them, because it pops up "Nothing to Scrap."  The only workaround I've found is to completely get rid of the 'Mech and get a new one.  This seems a pretty big issue.
Did you post a bug report? And why not post a new thread or find a related ammo bin thread. No need to necro  Tongue

Anyway, a suggestion on weight and cost for these until an official rule. 0 tons and cost 1% or 10% of the cost of the ammo. Solves one issue at least.
This was a related ammo bin thread.

The problem doesn't seem to be related to weight or cost.  The game just occasionally refuses to allow getting new ammo bins when you need to replace them.  I've had it happen with LRMs, Gauss, and LB-10X AC ammo, if I recall.
There are more recent ammo bin threads. The cost/weight was unrelated to your post.
Sorry, this was the first one that popped in Search, and the one that seemed most relevant to the issue.
(05-11-2014, 10:59 AM)ErikModi link Wrote:Sorry, this was the first one that popped in Search, and the one that seemed most relevant to the issue.

Don't worry about it.

I believe this is a known issue, though it might be a good idea to check the MekHQ issue tracker on sourceforge and see if it has been posted. If you don't see it, please make a post there!
Okay, I'm stupid.  Point me at Sourceforge, please?
(05-11-2014, 07:40 PM)ErikModi link Wrote:Okay, I'm stupid.  Point me at Sourceforge, please?

For MegaMek

For MegaMekLab

For MekHQ
I don't think there is a recent one for 0.35, though is has been discussed here and on the bt forums.
Anyone found any workarounds?  I Save/Load helps sometimes, but there are still a few times when bins just will not be replaceable, and I really don't want to remove and re-add a 'Mech every single time a location with an ammo bin gets wasted.
Doing an Omin Repod back and forth will clear the stuck bin issue.