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  BattleArmor and Small Arms Skill
Posted by: ErikModi - 11-08-2019, 08:59 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

So, do BattleArmor troops use Small Arms skill at all, or is it Gunnery/Battlesuit for everything?

Say, for instance, the main weapon on a light or ultralight suit is a Mauser IIC, but they have an additional anti-'Mech weapon, like a light machine gun or support PPC.  Does the Mauser use Small Arms while the machine gun/PPC use Gunnery, or do both use Gunnery?

Total Warfare indicates that BattleArmor only use Gunnery, but A Time Of War states Small Arms is used for anti-personnel weapons on a Battlesuit, while Gunnery is used for anti-'Mech weapons, so I'm more or less wondering which ruleset MegaMek follows.

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  New Development Snapshot 0.47.1 for Megamek, MegaMekLab, and MekHQ
Posted by: Hammer - 11-06-2019, 11:43 AM - Forum: New Releases - Replies (2)

Hi Everyone,

So it's been a few months since the last dev release, and this one is going to be huge! Lots of new cool stuff. So I remind everyone this is development release and all this new goodness means LOTS of chances of bugs. So make sure you keep backups of your games.

There isn't a Mac release and you'll have to use the Unix release. We are having issues with the Gradle packaging scripts and various security settings in MacOS.  We are working on the issue and have no ETA for a fix.

Lots of bug fixes that will carry over into MegaMekLab. Princess has learned to turn the lights on when fighting at night. We've got new maps from Derv and Simon Landmine. But the biggie is Support Vees. A huge amount of work has gone into Megamek to support the building of Support Vehicles. This is the first step in getting some new unit types playable. Soon you'll be able to have the Great Train Robbery with a Steiner Recon lance.

Some bug fixes, and big one is Support Vehicle Construction includes ground, S/M naval, and fixed wing; airship, satellite, and large naval). At last we have a splash screen for MegaMekLab(from the amazing SpOoky777). This completes the linked sets of splash screens. One note on Support Vee's we still need to work on the Record Sheet printing.

Ok, we've talked about it a lot and it's here. The Planetary system refactor. See a specific overview on our website for what's changed. We've got bug fixes, some UI improvements, the new Scenario Objectives tool is coming along(more on that soon), a markdown editor, for the AtB players(new and old) have a look at the new AtB Starter Guide by CampaignAnon in the docs folder. Oh, and yes we've add Support Vee support into MekHQ.

Also a reminder to drop into the Slack channel to meet other players and harass the devs that drop in and out.  

As a reminder when moving between versions:
1)   Make backups of your campaigns and customs.
2)   Always treat each release as a stand alone release and only copy your data forward from older versions.

There is a good chance you’ll have issues in MekHQ with unit name changes.  If you get errors loading your campaign as result of unit name errors please see this post.
Name Issues with units
The change log below lists all the changes in this release from the previous stable.

Download Here

+ Issue #1315: add support for map annotations and description to .board files.
+ PR #1451: Enable bot use of searchlights when necessary
+ Account for all bay types in large craft cost calculations.
+ Bug: Vehicle reduced to half movement not considered heavy damage
+ PR #1473: Allow the bot to gracefully handle deployment of grounded dropships on maps with no valid places to put them
+ PR #1474: TRO display in MegaMek lobby displays data for gun emplacements
+ Issue #1459: Using XXL(Clan) fusion engine on combat vehicle by mixed IS tech is not loaded properly
+ Issue #1481: Selecting the Adelante Train throws IndexOutOfBounds Exception
+ PR #1484: JS/SS max armor calculation (affects validation and MML).
+ PR #1478: Grounded Dropships and Individual Weapons (implements errata).
+ PR #1488: Nuclear warheads for large craft properly differentiate themselves from their standard versions when swapping ammo
+ Issue #1490: Fixed Ramshackle quirk description
+ Issue #1489: Fix jet booster and supercharger weight calculations
+ Issue #1500: Avoid NRE in BotClient::getStartingCoordsArray
+ Issue #1508: #1261 was never merged properly.
+ Data: Fixing the Hercules in the mechset again.
+ Bug: Some weapons missing their Aerospace attack values.
+ Bug/Data: Fixing various validation errors.
+ Issue #708: Errata indicates swarming battle armor should not be immune to fire.
+ Issue #1517: Fix for multiple NPEs caused by phantom transported units
+ Data: New Sprites/New Boards from Derv.
+ Issue #1480: Mech Mortar Smoke round is unavailable
+ Updating the Simon Landmine Map Pack.
+ PR #1519: Validation for support vehicles, corrections to many of the support vehicle unit files.
+ PR #1521: Multiple fixes and errata related to handling of large craft missile weapons;
grounded dropships can now fire missiles as artillery;
grounded dropships cannot directly fire capital weapons at ground targets;
+ PR #1527/Issue #1303: Mostly implemented current TW rules for movement of spheroid dropships in atmosphere
+ PR #1530: Treat fixed wing support vehicles as support vehicles instead of conventional fighters for cost calculation.
+ Issue #1516: Rotary RAC does not generate extra heat when rapid firing
+ Issue #1523: Fixes to 3145 FWL RATs
+ Issue #1514: Some Protomechs Missing Map Art
+ Issue #1454: RS:SW New Mechs are listed as Level 2 instead of Level 1

Download Here
+ Issue #174: Replace Java-based open dialog with OS native dialog
+ Issue #337: Cost Calculation / Rules: Repair Facility on Space Stations
+ PR #346: Allow command console with superheavy/small cockpit
+ Issue #341: Sort the database won't work well in decimal point level
+ Issue #344: Attempt to changing Protomech's armor to Electric Discharge makes the unit keep invalid when using Standard armor
+ PR #351: Allow superheavy industrial mechs
+ Issue #352: Large engine crits not allocated correctly
+ PR #339: Support vehicle construction (includes ground, S/M naval, and fixed wing; airship, satellite, and large naval
still require MegaMek support).
+ PR #358: Splash Screen

+ PR #1259: Fix map size display for AtB scenarios in the briefing tab (cosmetic issue only)
+ Data - Updating the AtB Starter Guide to v3, thanks CampaignAnon
+ Issue #1257: Don't double up salaries when charging for peacetime costs
+ PR #1268: Fix money formatting in prisoner ransom messages
+ Issue #1274: Fix About window closing immediately
+ Issue #1275: Fix zero sized dialogs (Edit Biography, etc)
+ Issue #1273: Updated edge cost for AtB to match current rules
+ PR #1288: Allow the large craft ammo swap dialog to switch AR10, missile and artillery munitions properly
+ PR #1282: Fix erroneously high unit values
+ PR #1294: Improve ammo swaps and refits of Large Craft ammo bins
+ PR #1298: Restructuring of person view panel, double scroll issue, and other scrolling issues
+ PR #1300: Markdown for descriptions
+ PR #1280: planetary system refactor
+ PR #1305: Mac OSX key bindings on non-standard look and feel
+ PR #1304: Markdown Editor
+ PR #1303: Various GUI fixes
+ Issue #1290: Fixes for issues with campaign subset export.
+ PR #1309: Planetary System Map
+ PR #1314: a few map fixes
+ PR #1286,1307: Scenario Objectives - explicit objective management system for legacy AtB scenarios;
Ability to define objectives for scenario templates.
+ PR #1317: fix NPE that halts new day processing while applying training XP
+ PR #1318: player units given to other players now properly return to the campaign during scenario resolution.
+ Issue #1308: Fix NPE when the campaign folder is not present
+ PR #1315: Rescalable images for unit view panel when fluff image exists
+ PR #1320: Customize support vehicles in the MekLab.
+ PR #1321: For scenarios generated from templates, the ability to explicitly assign forces/units to different player force templates.
+ PR #1324: corrected icon map
Enjoy everyone

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  Temp Crew?
Posted by: ErikModi - 11-02-2019, 09:36 PM - Forum: MekHQ - Replies (1)

So, I recently started playing around with DropShips, JumpShips, and WarShips in addition to my 'Mechs, and. . . well, it's a real headache.

So, SO many people to manage.  There's some tools that help make it easier, but repair times, apparently only one Tech per vessel, and so on just makes space combat not seem worth it.

But for an idea. . . we have the "Temporary Astechs" and "Temporary Medics" buttons. . . why not "temporary crew?"  Say, you hire one "Captain" for each vessel, then Temp Crew to fill it out and make it usable, but everything is based on the skills of that one captain?  Might make things a bit easier.

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  Can't Predesignate Artillery auto-hit?
Posted by: ErikModi - 11-01-2019, 11:08 AM - Forum: Problems? - Replies (2)

MekHQ 0.46.0

Using Artillery, offboard or on, I can't predesignated any autohit hexes.  I've played around with setting and deployments, but just can't get the option to come up.  I remember it used to do it at the start of the game, before deployment, but not now.

Am I doing something wrong?

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  DEVS: Game Play Graphics Overhaul (2 1/2D), worth it?
Posted by: Gargtholomew - 09-23-2019, 08:14 AM - Forum: User Creations - Replies (3)

Have a group of friends, we all like Battle Tech, recently almost half recently moved away. We want to still play, but dont like the lack of graphics/effects, I realize you guys have worked EXTREMELY hard on this so this is not a slight in any way. Some of us have coding and animation experience(I have dabbled in many things but more importantly have good friends who actually know what they are doing). Just wondering anyone knows if someone else is trying to change the look(I'm thinking like the old Fallout series isometric style). Have had some buy in from my group, but if I came up with a firm plan and started, I think I could get help. 

If there are no resources along this path to be found really I will probably just borrow some 3D models of mechs and then "pixelate" the animations using exact skews to match a iso hex grid. Shooting effects could either be all pre-aimed particle effects or anims themselves I think. probably stick with "block" style topography look. 

Real question is whether I leave the map generator as is and just do a converter or try to incorporate it into a new "engine". 

On an semi-unrelated note, if this thing gains popularity do you guys have a gentleman's liscensing agreement with FASA(topps?), etc?

Anyway, would like some input from everyone, thanks!

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  Dice / Gauss Bell
Posted by: Babek - 09-19-2019, 11:53 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (4)

Hello Fellas,
Wow, I stumbled upon this tool and I'm massively impressed by it. On my first approach to the tool a year ago I started using it and trying it out.
What I read here on the forum and what you even made a FAQ for, is the topic related to the dice. As our playing groups got some worries here as well, I digged a little deeper into it.
Quote from your FAQ:
"Are the dice conspiring against me?
Short answer: No. Long answer: The dice use the standard Java random number generation routines. You can find them described in the Sun documentation. The same routine is used for every dice roll in the game. These routines have been tested, and they behave as closely as possible to real dice as is possible on a computer. To put it another way, every time the virtual die is rolled, it stands a one-in-six chance of generating each number, one through six, and each roll is independent of previous rolls. "
What I understood (correct me if I'm wrong), is that you used the standard java random number generator, right?
Which is fair in the sense, that if your roll a 6 sided dice 6000 times, it will generate a fair output of:
1: 1005x
2: 1028x
3: 1027x
4: 989x
5: 994x
6: 957x
If you now take 2 dice, the standard random, as it is a computer produces a fair share like
02: 500x
03: 500x
04: 500x
05: 500x
06: 500x
07: 500x
08: 500x
09: 500x
10: 500x
11: 500x
12: 500x
Which is fair, but not like in a real world, which made a lot of people here complain.
The reason is, that in the real world, the more dice you take, the more you get a gauss bell curve of results.
like for example:
02: 100x
03: 200x
04: 350x
05: 450x
06: 600x
07: 750x
08: 750x
09: 600x
10: 450x
11: 300x
12: 100x
Here is a nice article about this problem in java code:
Different Kinds of Randomness
Uniform Distribution
The Uniform Distribution is what you get by default from java.util.Random (and its sub-classes - including the Uncommons Maths RNGs). The discrete uniform distribution says that there are a certain number of possible outcomes and each is equally likely. The obvious example is rolling a dice. You can get a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 and no single outcome is more likely than any of the others. If you record the results of 6 million dice rolls you would expect to get pretty close to a million of each number.
The uniform distribution is useful for some problems, such as shuffling a deck of cards, but it is not a good choice for many other scenarios that don’t involve a set of equally likely outcomes.
Normal (Gaussian) Distribution
The Normal Distribution (also known as the Gaussian Distribution) is the familiar bell curve. It is a good model for many real world phenomena. In a normal distribution, the average outcome is more likely than any other outcome. A slightly above or below average outcome is almost as likely, and extreme outcomes, while still possible, are very unlikely.
An example of this would be the distribution of IQ test scores. Most people would achieve somewhere close to an average score (maybe slightly above or below), but a few people would achieve very low scores and a similarly small number would achieve very high scores.
The nextGaussian() method of the java.util.Random class provides rudimentary support for obtaining normally-distributed values. Uncommons Maths’ GaussianGenerator class builds on this, making it easy to create distributions with different means and standard deviations. The standard deviation parameter controls how spread out the values are. A low standard deviation means most values will be very close to the mean (on either side). A high standard deviation increases the likelihood that a value will be a long way from the mean.
GaussianGenerator is a wrapper around a standard RNG (you can use any of the Uncommons Maths RNGs, or even one of the standard Java ones if you so choose). Once you have created a GaussianGenerator by specifying a mean, standard deviation and source RNG, you can call the nextValue() method ad infinitum:
Random rng = new MersenneTwisterRNG();
GaussianGenerator gen = new GaussianGenerator(100, 15, rng);
while (true)
If we were to generate thousands of simulated IQ test scores with this code, we would see that the vast majority of scores would be close to the average (100). Around 68% of the values would be within one standard deviation (15) of the mean (i.e. in the range 85 - 115), and approximately 95% would be within two standard deviations (between 70 and 130). These percentages are a well-known property of normal distributions.
The demo shows how the distribution of generated values compares to a theoretical normal distribution (the more values you generate, the closer the fit will be).
here is a Short demo about the results:
Do you think it would be possible to try this out? Like taking the code stated in the article and implement it in a test version? We would do some additional playtests then and see if the complaints vanish and I can finally force everybody in my group to use your great tool Wink
and long live the Dragon  Smile

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  0.46.0 AtB Hidden Infantry can't be revealed/won't activate
Posted by: ThatGingerBastard - 09-06-2019, 02:48 PM - Forum: Problems? - Replies (3)

Version: 0.46.0
MekHQ (Downloaded from your homepage)
OS: Windows 7 Pro
Java version 1.8.0_211

So I'm playing an against the bot campaign and the battle I'm in is stuck because I've destroyed everything but a single platoon of infantry that is hidden, they won't un-hide, and apparently my mechs can't detect them despite literally surrounding and staring at them for about 5 turns straight.

I've attached my save.

Attached Files
.gz   1.sav.gz (Size: 720.37 KB / Downloads: 0)
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  Maps not loading
Posted by: PMG068 - 09-04-2019, 12:13 AM - Forum: MekHQ - Replies (3)

Gday im pretty new to MekHQ, I'm loving it. Unfortunately lately when I run my AtB campaigns after about 3 missions the map fails to load. I move mouse around and it brings up the small instructions windows at the bottom but nothing else. I have restarted new campaigns with different units but always happens. Any ideas about this? I have no custom maps at a all.

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  V0.46.0 Modifications to mech sprites don't show up in-game
Posted by: ThatGingerBastard - 09-02-2019, 11:31 PM - Forum: Problems? - Replies (3)

Version: 0.46.0
MekHQ (Downloaded from your homepage)
OS: Windows 7 Pro
Java version 1.8.0_211

Hey guys,

So I just tried changing some of the mech sprites in photoshop. Did my changes, saved in .png over the original mech. Looked at it in the C:\Program Files (x86)\mekhq-windows-0.46.0\data\images\units\mechs folder, everything looked good.

But then I load up MekHQ and start a new campaign but when I go to add the Mech to my roster it shows the original sprite, despite me having over-written it.

So what did I miss?

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  MekHQ launched Megamek games don't work .46/.47
Posted by: cryptoknight - 08-31-2019, 10:23 PM - Forum: Problems? - Replies (1)

Using the full package (MegaMek, MegaMekHQ, MegaMekLab).

Both .46 and .47 windows 10 Java 1.8.0_221

If I build a campaign in MekHQ, assign people to meks, assign meks to units in the T&OE and then finally take a contract and travel to it and finally assign Lances in my T&OE to a given mission, when I launch the mission I'll land in the Lobby.  The Lobby will load all the units and show me who controls them and what they are.

If I click I'm Done, I go to Phase 1 and roll initiative.  When I click Done after Initiative, I'll briefly see something about transferring and then I see one of two things.

.46 I'll see Turn 2
.47 I'll see an end of Turn 1 summary, which if I click done will take me to Turn 2 and roll initiative.

If instead I launch Megamek directly and build a scenario in it, when I click "I'm Done" followed by "done" the map will pop up and I can deploy mechs and take turns.

Attached Files
.zip   gamelog.zip (Size: 8.66 KB / Downloads: 0)
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