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New game! - wulfle - 12-17-2013

Give me a good time and day and we'll set it up! If we could get 3+ people in the game then that would be really great!

My Email is and my Skype is thewulfle

Re: New game! - voidtraveler - 12-26-2013

I'm new, so I'd like to play if this gets going.

Re: New game! - Mekslayer - 12-29-2013

I am game too.... and I have been thinking about having a grinder like Steve Restless organized.

Re: New game! - zulf - 01-02-2014

i'm up for a game. i've just started using the program so i'd need so i'd need a bit of guidance as to connecting. other then that i'm good to go.

Re: New game! - Ph4se - 01-08-2014

I'd be keen too ... in Melbourne here

Re: New game! - ajscott1028 - 01-17-2014

Has anything come of this yet? I've been playing the bot and have gotten bored. . .only so many times one can play it and have the game still seem new. It'd be great to play against other real players.

I live in the PST and would love to set up a regular game with other folks. Please reply if you guys have actually set something up. Thanks!

Re: New game! - Mekslayer - 03-02-2014

We have been playing ascot... But we can only see if u r are by your skype... Turn it on and find us.