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MekWars Dominion: Grand Cycle VI [May 16, 2015] - TigerShark - 04-13-2015


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[font=times new roman]GRAND CYCLE VI
2765 Era Campaign

Behind the façade of trade and cooperation, man's eternal greed and lust  for power lays in wait. The Lords of the five Great Houses scheme and plot against one-another, creating shadowy feuds and conflicts which threaten to undermine mankind's Great Experiment: The Star League. Each member jockeys for position to become the driving force behind the League's might, blinding them to a greater evil being conjured from the darkness of the Periphery.

MEKWARS DOMINION allows players to participate in the most pivotal age of BattleTech history. Centered around the events of the 2760s, players work to strengthen their faction's position within the League, conquering land and experiencing the era's most iconic battles, including the Star League Civil War.

Users familiar with the 3025 era will find many of the same units available during the 2765 time period. Mechs and Vehicles carry advanced technologies which Succession Wars armies could only dream of. The armies of the Member States and Territories were highly advanced, with production soaring during a time of excess.

• Choose from among the seven available factions: Capellan Confederation, Draconis Combine, Federated Suns, Free Worlds League, Lyran Commonwealth, Rim Worlds Republic or the Territorial States.
• Play using canon-inspired Unit Formations, bringing the most iconic Regiments to life.
• Direct-buy units from their factories using Real Cost. Each factory gives a slight chance at its upgraded, Star League version!
• Level your own pilots! No automatic leveling here: RPG skills and piloting/gunnery increases may be purchased for your pilots as they gain XP.

Between cycles, we had the opportunity to listen to player feedback and change the campaign. This should give us the most successful and populated cycle yet!

• Registration has been streamlined! Just download the client, register, defect to a Faction and start buying units for play!
• Aero-on-Ground games are now optional! You may request a "no Aero" game from your opponent. See rules for details.
• Aero units are much easier to play against, due to advanced rules which perfectly balance play.
• Infantry costs are much lower, making infantry Formations extremely deadly!

[size=16pt]Download the Client and Join the Fight!


Re: MekWars Dominion: Grand Cycle VI [May 16, 2015] - TigerShark - 05-01-2015

Please note that the start date has changed to Saturday, May 16, 2015. This is to ensure moderator and player participation alike!

Re: MekWars Dominion: Grand Cycle VI [May 16, 2015] - TigerShark - 05-16-2015

We are open for play!