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Admin Support - yondar - 07-16-2016

Looking at my Unit Rating Report it says I should have Admin Support of 42, I currently only have 4 (one in each) is there any ral need for the other 38 other than to increase my units rating?


Re: Admin Support - Groggy1 - 07-17-2016

I don't KNOW, but it seems like with more admins, I was pulling multiple techs per week when I was doing payed recruitment, instead of just one (or mechwarriors, for that matter)

Re: Admin Support - pheonixstorm - 07-19-2016

Within HQ the number of admins doesn't have much real affect on how things runs. In Campaign Operations it explains what the admin are for and how it does affect your unit. Some of this is just difficult to translate from the core rules into a computerize version.