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Planetary governor needs to give up! - kipstafoo - 08-12-2016

I'm curious... does the AtB contract ever just say 'Dude... please leave our planet. Take anything you want, but just leave.' Tongue

I'm doing a 3 month Extraction Raid against PoR in the year 3032. I landed on the planet with an oversized heavy mech company. I'm 1.5 months in, I've had 7 fights and destroyed probably 2 battalions of tanks and at least 2 companies of mechs having lost two mechs permanently (an allied Stinger fusioned and took them out... so the enemy still hasn't permanently killed one). At some point I would assume the planetary leadership would just open the doors to the vault and pay me off to leave. Wink (Yes, I realize that won't happen... but I'm curious if they'll just keep throwing units at me every few days until the contract ends).

Re: Planetary governor needs to give up! - Neoancient - 08-12-2016

The enemy morale is determined on the first day of each month. The number of victories and losses are taken into account. If it ever drops to routed, the enemy surrenders or retreats. In the case of offensive or raid missions, the contract is considered fulfilled and younreceive the remaining payout. In the case of defensive contracts (like garrison or security duty) the morale resets the next month with a new invading force.

Re: Planetary governor needs to give up! - BLOODWOLF - 08-12-2016

I've seen that in the AtB2.31 rules before but, we have to manually complete the contract right?  I dont recall it ever completing the contract automatically and can still continue to play with the enemy moral coming back up after a period of time.