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Omni Refits? - mkerensky - 08-31-2016

I tried to refit a Jagatai omnifighter to one of its other configurations using the 'choose refit kit' option, and HQ said it was going to take 2300 minutes or so. I thought omni configuration swaps were only supposed to take about an hour or two. Am I doing something wrong?

Re: Omni Refits? - Hammer - 08-31-2016

I'll check the file, might be missing the omni tag

Re: Omni Refits? - mkerensky - 08-31-2016

I've checked a bunch of my Meks as well. They're mostly showing as Class A (Field) but with times in the thousands of minutes, even those for which I have parts in stock. The shortest time I've found so far is 480 minutes for a Sulla fighter conversion, with 660 for a Batu.

Re: Omni Refits? - kipstafoo - 09-24-2016

Bumping this back up. I'm seeing the same thing in my campaign. I have an AtB campaign that I've been running for 25 years game-time and am now in the clam invasion. I don't have parts for the refits but they are all in the 1200-2k minute range.