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Unavailable parts - kipstafoo - 09-23-2016

I'm curious what logic is used to determine unavailable parts.

I'm running an AtB campaign in 3053 and it's telling me that endo-steel body parts are not available. By 3053 they should be extremely available.

Re: Unavailable parts - Neoancient - 09-23-2016

In AtB the availability of parts is restricted by the type of contract you're in. You should be able to get most parts in a garrison duty contract, but raids are pretty restrictive and guerrilla is the most restrictive of all. If you're not in a contract, it is determined by your unit rating and admin/logistics personnel. If you find this too restrictive you can play without it by unchecking "restrict parts by mission type" on the AtB tab in Campaign Options.

Re: Unavailable parts - kipstafoo - 09-23-2016

Ahhhhh... thank explains it!


Re: Unavailable parts - Captain Kaos - 09-28-2016

I am having a similar issue. Playing in 3025 and I think my RAT selection was wrong. I captured a few mechs that I can not completely repair, because I can not purchase things like double heat sinks. "Restrict parts by mission type is off". Is there another setting somewhere for restricting parts by year, or is that hard coded?