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Quality of allies - kipstafoo - 09-30-2016

So, I'm curious how the RATs work for allies.

I'm doing a contract in December 3054 for FedCom against CJF. My ally rating is "Veteran/A". I have not seen anything but a 3025 mech for 12 fights. Shouldn't the allies be pulled from the FedCom/3050/A RATs? Maybe they are and I'm just really unlucky, but I really haven't seen a single newtech ally the whole contract.

Re: Quality of allies - ThomasMarik - 10-06-2016

It's a weighted scale. Basically think of the mech list divided up into 1000 slots and the game will randomly pick 1. The higher quality mechs are in the higher end and the low quality is at the low end. When it rolls the quality of your allies will modify the roll. For example the A quality unit adds +100 to the roll. That means it can still roll 101 on the table but you have a far better chance of hitting the high tier ones.  It would also be much more rare for it to roll salvage mechs from other houses.  Low quality units reverse this. They never have the high tier stuff and usually have whatever they can scrape together.

I have a PDF that illustrates it better than I'm describing it. It's in a link on my Marlow Stingray videos.  I'm at work atm so I can't grab it but I'll try and remember to link it here when I get home.