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Running MegaMek from Eclipse - Shadowshotz - 07-30-2017

I'm having trouble running MegaMek from Eclipse. When I launch it via Run or Debug, I can get the main menu, but no graphics. "Start a New Game" results in a Java IO exception after I set up the username and password.

The exception message is:
Could not initialise: data\images\units\mechset.txt (The system cannot find the path specified)

megameklog.txt is full of similar messages.

I'm new to Java, Git, and Eclipse so advice would be appreciated.

RE: Running MegaMek from Eclipse - Arlith - 07-31-2017

You need to adjust the run configuration in Eclipse and make sure that MM is running from the right directory (it needs to start from the in the <repo>/megamek directory, where the data directory is). I think the option is on the second tab editing the run configuration, towards the bottom. You may also need to add the i18n directory to the classpath.