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Custom Weapons? - Docwade - 02-25-2019

what programs do I need to modify or create custom weapons. I try opening the weapons or equipment files with notepad and can't understand what I am looking at.

RE: Custom Weapons? - Hammer - 02-25-2019

To do this you'll need to do the following.

First, you're going to need the source files for MegaMek available on Github

Second, you're going to need the tools to write/compile said source code, something like Eclipse or IntelliJ for example.

Finally, you're going to need a working understanding of Java.

To modify a weapon you'd open one of the files...i.e and change those stats. Like range or damage.

To add a weapon you'll need to add a new class, add it in the and potentially write a new weapon handler for it.

Then you'd have to compile the source code into the jar/exe file. That version would only run with like versions if playing with friends.