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Bot ratios in MekHQ - Kendo - 05-13-2019


First off, love MekHQ. So much better than when I played it  a couple years ago. The BOT campaign is great. My only issue is that for every scenario, I am outnumbered at least 2:1. I just played one that was BV 3000 to 8500. I love the way the campaign plays over all, but I need to figure out how to give myself a bit of a chance. Getting wiped off the map in every game just isn't that exciting. Any tips? What settings do I need to chance?



RE: Bot ratios in MekHQ - Sidewinder - 05-13-2019

Double Vehicles off is the first suggestion I would make. The BOT campaign is usually 2:1 or at least 1.5:1. One thing I have found with running this, to win consistently with ATB is to play conservatively. Maximize your defense bonus and don't worry so much about getting the greatest of shots. Eventually the BOT will do something stupid and if you positioned your troops correctly, you can pounce on that mistake. The matches will take a considerable amount of time, but, this can also translate over to make you a better PvP player. Because this will teach you to always support your units, don't stick them out in the open without a plan.

RE: Bot ratios in MekHQ - Kendo - 05-13-2019

I checked some other posts in the MekHQ sub forum as well and yes, this seems to be the way of things. I have clicked off the double vehicle. I will take your advice about conservative play. I think I also need some better mechs. The first lance I picked didn’t consider the implications of being over matched so consistently.

RE: Bot ratios in MekHQ - Ironboot - 05-15-2019

The AtB campaign started back several years ago Princes and Bot (?) did not work very well. Legged Meks would try to stand up over and over again, make risky moves, etc. So that is why the BV value is x2 the players BV.

RE: Bot ratios in MekHQ - Kendo - 05-15-2019

I’ve played quite a few games now. I haven’t won many, but I’m getting the hang of it.

RE: Bot ratios in MekHQ - Hammer - 05-16-2019

These forums are also dead compared to the CGL forums, where there is a thread with years of AtB stuff.