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STABLE Releases MegaMek, MegaMekLab, MekHQ: v0.46.1 (Stable) January 17 /2020 - Hammer - 01-17-2020

Quote:While we are busy plugging away at new features over on the 0.47 branch, here is an update to the 0.46 stable branch. It does not include any of the new features since 0.46, but a slew of fixes for bugs discovered after 0.46.0 was released. Unless there is a serious bug discovered after this release, this will likely be the last release from the 0.46 branch, since the more the branches diverge the harder it is to maintain both.

As a reminder when moving between versions:
1)  Make backups of your campaigns and customs.
2)  Always treat each release as a stand alone release and only copy your data forward from older versions.
3)  This thread is for discussing the release. Bugs should be reported by opening an issue on the appropriate tracker on GitHub. Anything reported here is likely to be buried in the discussion and forgotten by the time we get a chance to work on it.


Download here
+ Fix large craft bay cost calculations
+ Bug: Vehicle reduced to half movement not considered heavy damage
+ PR #1473: Allow the bot to gracefully handle deployment of grounded dropships on maps with no valid places to put them
+ PR #1474: TRO display in MegaMek lobby displays data for gun emplacements
+ Issue #1459: Using XXL(Clan) fusion engine on combat vehicle by mixed IS tech is not loaded properly
+ Issue #1481: Selecting the Adelante Train throws IndexOutOfBounds Exception
+ PR #1484: JS/SS max armor calculation (affects validation and MML).
+ PR #1488: Nuclear warheads for large craft properly differentiate themselves from their standard versions when swapping ammo
+ Issue #1490: Fixed Ramshackle quirk description
+ Issue #1489: Fix jet booster and supercharger weight calculations
+ Issue #1500: Avoid NRE in BotClient::getStartingCoordsArray
+ Data: Fixing the Hercules in the mechset again.
+ Bug: Some weapons missing their Aerospace attack values.
+ Bug/Data: Fixing various validation errors.
+ Issue #708: Errata indicates swarming battle armor should not be immune to fire.
+ Issue #1517: Fix for multiple NPEs caused by phantom transported units
+ Data: New Sprites/New Boards from Derv.
+ Issue #1480: Mech Mortar Smoke round is unavailable
+ Updating the Simon Landmine Map Pack.
+ Issue #1523: Fixes to 3145 FWL RATs
+ Issue #1514: Some Protomechs Missing Map Art
+ Issue #1454: RS:SW New Mechs are listed as Level 2 instead of Level 1
+ Issue #1549: Client freezes when selecting a unit with a lot of special pilot abilities
+ PR #1558: Errata: adjustments to piloting BV modifier
+ PR #1589: Fix support for adapting to unit name changes.
+ Issue #1590: Fa Shih unable to lay mines
+ Issue #1587: Max Integer Substituted for Target Number
+ Issue #1562: Critical Hit on Protomech Near Miss

Download here
+ Issue #336: Quad Battlemechs are unable to allocate industrial physical weapons to their side torsos
+ Issue #337: Cost Calculation / Rules: Repair Facility on Space Stations
+ Issue #341: Sort the database won't work well in decimal point level
+ Issue #344: Attempt to changing Protomech's armor to Electric Discharge makes the unit keep invalid when using Standard armor
+ PR #351:  Allow superheavy industrial mechs
+ Issue #352: Large engine crits not allocated correctly
+ Issue #365: Protomek Tab is missing its fluff section
+ Issue #369: Issues with Mirroring Aero units.
+ Issue #375: Maximum armor calculation is incorrect for Warships
+ Issue #384: Dropship collars rounding issues. [Errata]
+ Issue #388: M-pods not available for Combat Vees
+ Issue #390: Other Equipment tab for aerospace fighters and dropships show all equipment
+ Issue #391: BA Standard Prototype armor doesn't show Crit slots to allocate
+ Issue #386: Armor Calculation Issue with Primitive Jumpship
+ Issue #385: Dropship armor missing - Possible weight calculation issue

Download here
+ PR #1259: Fix map size display for AtB scenarios in the briefing tab (cosmetic issue only)
+ Issue #1257: Don't double up salaries when charging for peacetime costs
+ PR #1268: Fix money formatting in prisoner ransom messages
+ Issue #1275: Fix zero sized dialogs (Edit Biography, etc)
+ Issue #1273: Updated edge cost for AtB to match current rules
+ PR #1288: Allow the large craft ammo swap dialog to switch AR10, missile and artillery munitions properly
+ PR #1292: Fix erroneously high unit values
+ PR #1305: Mac OSX key bindings on non-standard look and feel
+ PR #1317: fix NPE that halts new day processing while applying training XP
+ Issue #1308: Fix NPE when the campaign folder is not present
+ Issue #1374: Unit Rating: Small Craft Bay can now store Fighters
+ Issue #1390: Bug: fix XML parsing failure when putting customs in CPNX that have ampersands (etc)
+ Issue #1284: Can't get contracts from Comstar's capital planet
+ Issue #1384: PIR and REB AtB Contracts can not be generated