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Manei Domini Implant issues - sapper-in-the-wire - 01-20-2020

Hey y'all,

I'm running dev 0.47.2 from the bundled mekhq version, on windows 7 with java 1.8.0_231. I've noticed several MD implants don't function correctly.

First is boosted communications implants, which should allow the unit to connect to a c3i network. This functionality doesn't seem to work.

Second is the multi-modal sensory implants. These should act as a combined sensory implants, giving a 2 hex active probe and a -1 to ranged attacks. I'm not sure about the active probe, but it definitely does not confer the -1 to attacks. In addition, a unit equipped with both a multi-modal sensory implant and a VDNI applies both effects to the mech's performance, meaning it should get a 2 hex active probe (or extend by 1 hex an already present active probe) as well as a -1 to attacks. This would mean when you're shooting you'd get -1 from the VDNI, and a -1 from the multi-modal. However these do not stack in megamek.

Third is the VDNI itself. It gives the -1 to shooting that it should, as well as a -1 to piloting checks, however in the latter case you still get a +1 for having a small cockpit. A VDNI should give a -1 to piloting checks as well as negating the +1 for having a small cockpit. In addition, I think the VDNI piloting benefit should apply for anything that uses a piloting check, if that's the case, it currently does not give a -1 when making melee attacks.

Last is the triple core processor implant. It should give a +2 initiative modifier, with an additional +1 if the mech also has a c3 or c3i or 3 tons of communications equipment. I'm seeing neither the +2 or the +1. This could be due to settings (I'm still new at megamek) but I can't seem to find an option that references initiative bonuses from equipment. I still get a +1 from having a mech with the Command quirk, so I feel like my games allow initiative bonuses already. In addition TCP should let the unit call aimed shots like a targeting computer, but I can't find where to engage that if it is modeled. There's also TCP interaction with installed ECM vs enemy ECM, but I haven't tested that yet.

I'm getting all these rules from IO 77+.

Thanks y'all!

RE: Manei Domini Implant issues - Neoancient - 01-20-2020

The warrior augmentations were first introduced in one of the Jihad sourcebooks. The rules in IO made some changes, but few of them have been updated to the current rules and several remain unimplemented. We are aware of this but haven't gotten to it yet.