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DEVS: Game Play Graphics Overhaul (2 1/2D), worth it?
Have a group of friends, we all like Battle Tech, recently almost half recently moved away. We want to still play, but dont like the lack of graphics/effects, I realize you guys have worked EXTREMELY hard on this so this is not a slight in any way. Some of us have coding and animation experience(I have dabbled in many things but more importantly have good friends who actually know what they are doing). Just wondering anyone knows if someone else is trying to change the look(I'm thinking like the old Fallout series isometric style). Have had some buy in from my group, but if I came up with a firm plan and started, I think I could get help. 

If there are no resources along this path to be found really I will probably just borrow some 3D models of mechs and then "pixelate" the animations using exact skews to match a iso hex grid. Shooting effects could either be all pre-aimed particle effects or anims themselves I think. probably stick with "block" style topography look. 

Real question is whether I leave the map generator as is and just do a converter or try to incorporate it into a new "engine". 

On an semi-unrelated note, if this thing gains popularity do you guys have a gentleman's liscensing agreement with FASA(topps?), etc?

Anyway, would like some input from everyone, thanks!
It would be a massive undertaking to do and resources are currently being spent on other items AFAIK.

But you are more than welcome to fork and do the updates for y'all and submit a PR if desired.

Just for any new assets, make sure that either a license is granted or that they are released under CC/Public Domain.
MegaMek is a way to play the tabletop game remotely or against an AI opponent. It is fundamentally different than more traditional video games. While we care about aesthetics, we have no interest in moving away from the tabletop feel.
AGREED good sir, your own "isometric" style is what I am basing it off of. Think of it as a "tilted" POV overlay/adjustment to your existing platform. I am gonna start with some mech anims which I will post and hopefully garner some interest/permission. PLEASE NOTE: I do not in any way expect serious amount of your time, perhaps a few questions answered along the way, that is all. Thank you for getting back to me.

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