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OpFor Exchange FAQ
1) What is an "OpFor Exchange?"
An OpFor Exchange is an agreement between two (or more) players to each play the opposing forces (OpFor) in their respective Battletech campaigns. The purpose of this forum is to help players play out their own personal campaigns on MegaMek against real live human beings rather than the bot, without having to find a regular partner or gaming group.

2) How does it work?
Simply post to this forum indicating that you are looking for an OpFor. Typically the more information you can provide about your situation the better. The most relevant information would be the times that you would be available to play and your time zone, but information on the actual scenario to be played is also appreciated.

The implicit understanding here is that if someone offers to play as your OpFor, you will likewise play a game as their OpFor.

There are some very basic principles and rules to keep in mind when you play the OpFor for someone else's campaign. We do not typically moderate any of these activities between members, but ask that you keep these guidelines in mind.

1) The person whose campaign you are playing in sets the rules, objectives, and guidelines. You are playing in their campaign, so they get to select the forces for each side, the map, the game options, the mission objectives, etc. If they request that you deploy your forces in a certain manner, then you should do so. If they ask you to play defensively, then you should do so. If you have the other side outnumbered three to one and all of their units have destroyed gyros and they ask you to type "/defeat," then type "/defeat." If you find that their requests makes play unpalatable, then you should just decline to participate before beginning.

2) Be competitive, but not ruthless. Let's face it, there are lots of different skill levels out there. Someone new to the game can easily be discouraged by their inability to win if they end up playing very experienced players. That can be very frustrating when you spend so much time building up your forces, detailing their history, etc. We are not suggesting that you intentionally lose as the OpFor, but rather remember that your goal should be to provide the player with a competitive experience, without perhaps devoting as much time to your strategy and tactics as you might if these units were your own.

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