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New to MekHQ (atb) Heat sink impossible to acquire
(02-17-2015, 02:27 PM)Jayof9s link Wrote: So, it'll be working again in the next release.  Wink

No, actually it's fixed in the current release Wink

v0.3.12 (2015-02-12 15:45 UTC)
+ Bug: OpFor personnel are captured, even when not selected as prisoner or bondsman
+ Bug [#786]: AtB: Rank sort and prisoner rolls broken after battle
+ Bug: Edit Unit buttons doing nothing for salvaged units
+ Bug: Entities were not being correctly set on UnitStatuses
+ Bug [#792]: Battle resolution does not start in MHQ after MM game
    I've fixed the NPE, but this still leaves the root cause of the issue unknown
    until questions in the ticket are answered. It would be best to fix that extraneous
    issue as well.
+ Bug [#749]: MM displays wrong year when launched from MHQ
+ Bug [#756]: VTOL Repair Issue Causes Internal Structure to Go Over Max IS
+ Bug [#790]: Heat sinks may not be purchased on intro tech level
+ Bug [#791]: Admin skills - scrounge sort order incorrect
+ Bug [#806]: Repair bay : Location filter is reset to "All" if you adjust the time of a task
+ Bug [#799]: Repair bay : GM mode -> complete task becomes unavailable if location filters are used
+ Patch [patches:#40]: After repair reset to the technician at the top of the list

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