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Tactical/Strategic Campaign V2.0
Starting a campaign for 1 to 2 players. In order to play this campaign, the player must be well versed in both MM and MHQ.

Two instances of the MHQ/MM will be used, one for the tactical level (creation, organization, repairs etc) and another for the strategic level (planning, strategic movement). Force Commander(s) will use the strategic level MHQ/MM to execute how to achieve their objectives, while the actual combat will be fought on the tactical level.

Please be reminded that there are quite a few rules for the strategic level and a lot of work to maintain your forces. Only suitable for players who loves to manage as well as fight.

Due to customized available data, gaming year will be set between 2400 to 2510.

If interested please contact me.

Edit: Campaign 1 involve only ground combat without salvages. Campaign 2 involve everything, including space battle.

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.png   BattleTech Strategic Ground.png (Size: 37.49 KB / Downloads: 173)
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