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A Review of TREDS
[This game did not turn out at all like I had planned. I was expecting the scout group to run from the assault group. But MegaMek had other plans. :evil: But it turned out pretty good. I like the whole "Time to run" and then "we can take these guys!" It was fun.]

[spoiler=Short Version:]Victory. Pretty interesting match! Half the enemy force misses the drop. So instead of the chasers doing the chasing, the assaults feel to the light swarm attack. The dropship was found and dropped the units it was carrying and then ran.[/spoiler]

*A scrolling data pad with the text being read by a familiar voice.*

A bit of a surprise test for our prototypes this last operation turned out to be. The report from the client could have been very different had certain events not happened. See for yourself in the debriefing.

*A smooth screen change to another text with voice recording. Many voices can be heard in the background, though one voice drowns the rest out as the report is given.*

“I’ll say! Did you see them fly over the mountain? Ha Ha. Can’t touch” HEY! Keep it down. I’m giving the report over here.

The scout patrol located dropship near the “Oasis Valley”. It was a standard Manatee. Generic picture shown below.
[Image: Manatee.jpg]
It dropped four assault mechs right on top of us as soon as we spotted it. Also dropping were TREDS with two light mechs. One of which was fell prone from a missed drop; location shown by the red X. Initially, I gave the order to run! “YA RUN LIKE” QUIET!
[Image: 2566891.jpg]
Two assaults completely fired their assault drop rockets wrong and landed way off site and there location is unknown at this time, a Stalker and a Victor. The Manatee dropship quickly fled to the south, away from our artillery trap back along the trail we were following.
[Image: 2566890.jpg]
Only the Charger landed on target with the Banshee missing the drop and falling. From this point on we felt like we could take them. Our plan was to hit them from behind where the armor was not as strong. The Charger tried to run to help the fallen Banshee. But fell from our physical attacks as we mercilessly kicked the legs. However, the giants would not fall but instead the Charger fell from a missed kick against the TREDS Wasp. The TREDS Thorn managed to break the foot actuator which effectively made the Charger stay prone the rest of the skirmish.
[Image: 2566889.jpg]
The Banshee must have realized the trouble he was in and sprinted to the south. The two TREDS mechs took chase. The Charger was completely stripped of its arms before the pilot finally ejected and was captured. The Banshee fell from damage as TREDS own Wasp destroyed the head. The pilot died on ejection. Under the advice and direction of the Thorn pilot from TREDS, who worked in an industrial mech and knew where to grab the assault mechs so we could salavage them. We hurriedly dragged them away for fear of the other two assault mechs or the dropship coming back.

*A blank screen appears with a brief voice recording.*

The lab techs were pretty happy with this test. Attached is the report.

*Once again, a nervous young voice begins.*

To: Edward Devlin
The data from the Thorn THE-N showed that the endo-steel was not balanced correctly and responsible for the failed assault drop and the difficulty in standing. However, excellent work to you for adapting to the situation and figuring out how to make the mech stand even while it was unbalanced slightly. All sensors functioned properly. Data report from the collected data and battlerom is as follows:
  • Successful firing from the LRM 5 showed that the addition of CASE to the ammo bin was causing heat buildup.
  • Successful test of endo-steel balancing. The issues have been addressed and data collected is being analyzed in depth.
  • Unsuccessful test of CASE. However, this was not a critical objective because of the danger. Sensors were in place just in case this unfortunate event did happen.
  • Successful demonstration of unit’s mobility with a credited killing blow (the critical hit to the foot actuator) to the Charger.

To: Phildor MacKoup
Analysis of the battlerom shows you to be an excellent jumper even in the 1.08 G gravity of Skondia. You may have noticed not much was different from the Wasp WSP-1W design as from other Wasps. This is due to the prototype nearing completion. However, the battle computer on the prototype had not yet been tested. Data report follows:
  • Successful test of the battle computer’s weapon control showed a reduction in heat.
  • Successful test of the battle computer’s analysis of the tactical battlefield showed an overall increase in initiative throughout the 72 seconds of battle.
  • Successful fire of all lasers showed accuracy has been improved by 2%. Still shooting for higher number with more tweeking.
  • Successful demonstration of overall unit effectiveness with 2 kills. Nice job melting the head of the immobile Banshee.

*1 second pause before a generic electronic voice continues.*

Payment has already been credited. Please use these memos or notes to improve your work here at TREDS. Remember to always consider the safety of those around you in your work place as your own.

*End of Debriefing*

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