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A Review of TREDS
[And that is how you used fighters on ground maps. For some reason fixing my internet made my port forwarding get all screwed up so I have to figure out how to fix it for my backup server. Thanks to Nutchip for letting my borrow his. Getting setup will be shorter next time …. maybe.

Short Version: Victory! Ammo explosions and high dice rolling really make for short games. But my objective was to finish of this story dictated mission and expose people to fighters on ground maps.]

* Official Report from Client: Municipal Posse *

We would like to thank TREDS for their support in finishing off the two assault mechs. We are surprised at how fast they mobilized three assault mech drops and three aerospace fighters to support our two aerospace units and a TREDS fighter. The other TREDS fighter accompanied our crippled conventional fighter safely back to base.

With fighter support zooming all over the area landing shots on the two assault mechs, the TREDS mech landed securely in the area. Soon thereafter a couple small accidental fires started from the fighting. However, it was not long before the rear armor of the Stalker was gone and the internal ammo was hit by a TREDS Seydlitz.
[Image: 2609482.jpg]
Immediately following the damaged Victor’s armor gave way as the TREDS Crab penetrated armor and set off another ammo explosion. Both assault mechs were completely consumed as other ammo explosions tripped off. Both pilots were captured and are currently being treated for wounds along with the first pilot captured.

* Lab Report read by a nervous young voice. *

To: Thomas Riker
The data from the Assassin ASN-101 agrees well with other data tests. More data was needed to provide a statistical significance to this variant’s capabilities. Soon, all sensors will be removed for an actual production mech test. Good work.
  • Successful assault drop on target.
  • Successful test of unit effectiveness and mobility. Armor and jump jets preformed as expected as did weapons. Recommendation for production finalization.

To: Tom Paris
The Sparrowhawk SPR-H5K was tested with new weaponry. Next time try to fire it more than once.
  • Successful atmospheric flight.
  • Successful firing of Ultra autocannon showed there is a slight problem in the weapon. Need more data to pinpoint whether it is the cooling jacket or the weapon bore.

To: Edward Devlin
Excellent work with the Sentinel STN-3L. Taking off the armor from the back really helped take down that Stalker.
  • Successful test of the Ultra AC/5 in ultra-mode showed the weapon is accurate as it registered a critical gyro hit. However, the cooling method needs to be addressed to handle “ultra-mode.”
  • Successful assault drop of mech.

To: Jeff Rooks
The performance of the Seydlitz SYD-Z2A showed this unit is ready to see combat. Further tests toward production are recommended.
  • Successful atmosphere flight with some reported instability in advance maneuvers such as a hammerhead.
  • Successful demonstration of weapon load out as causing the complete destruction of the Stalker with ammo explosions.

To: Dutch Mallory
Superb use of the Crab CRB-27 weapons systems during the test showed the mech’s weapons are fully functional, which has improved since last test.
  • Successful assault drop.
  • Successful demonstration of armor strength.
  • Unsuccessful test of the balance of the unit under strenuous circumstances. This test must be repeated before any finalization of the armor design can be made.
  • Successful combat demonstration with an impressive show of precision by the pilot at hitting an ammo bin causing ammo explosions to rip the Victor apart.

To: Luke Skywalker
Glad to see you were able to get back into another Slayer SL-15R. This test was not that useful as the unit never did enter combat. However, some results did still come in. Further testing is needed.
  • Successful test of atmospheric flight shows that the quick adjustments made improved the design. Further flow testing and design will bring this design up to acceptable limits.
  • Unsuccessful test of the weapons as none were fired. Entering combat is advised.

To: Rick Dico
The data from this long test of the Starfire SF-1X showed the craft could handle extended operating flights. Also, the client has specifically thanked you for staying with their wing to finish of the assault mechs.
  • Successful atmospheric flight shows no problems.
  • Successful test of Ultra AC/5 showing technology is ready for deployment in new fighters.
  • Successful demonstration of Starfire SF-1X as a combat fighter with one killed fighter.

Other Notes:
The Bluehawk Combat Support Fighter MSF-42 sensors did not function during the entire tests. A repeat test will be needed.

*1 second pause before a generic electronic voice continues.*

Payment has already been credited. Please use these memos or notes to improve your work here at TREDS. Remember to always consider the safety of those around you in your work place as your own.

*End of Debriefing*

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