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Co-op multiplayer AtB campaign?
The title pretty says it already, I'd like to play a co-op AtB campaign together with a friend, where both of us have our own units and pilots and so on and need to 'take care' of them, but where we fight together. Doesn't really matter what the 'background' is (one merc company giving a sub-contract to another one, or maybe we both play two pilots and mechs from each lance of the same company, ...). Obviously, without any finances and salvage etc, it would be relatively easy, but we'd really prefer to play with all of that. Hotseat isn't a possibility since we live too far apart, so... if anyone should have any ideas, I'd be very happy Smile

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Co-op multiplayer AtB campaign? - by Wolf21 - 08-31-2016, 11:22 AM
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