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Gundam Corp
Making a campaign with the BattleMechs I made.  The story is that Gundam Corporation was started to design new mechs. 

There are two lines at the moment, the Gundam and the Zeon lines. 

The Gundam line is supposed to be the more expensive and advanced, using lasers instead of autocannons, with an exception in the Guntank, which is really just an early prototype. 

The Zeon line is meant to be mass produced, and is equipped with less expensive everything. 

Obviously, I'm just doing this as an excuse to use Gundam mechs in a campaign, but I'm thinking of expanding to the "Guard" series of tanks, which is a heavy tank line. 

To see the designs I came up with, go here.  Download the files and load them in MegaMekLab for best results. 

So anyways, I have 11 "Mobile Suits".  The trio of Gun-Suits, 4 Zaku IIs, and 4 Doms.  I skipped the Goufs because I don't like the design I came up with.  It will change to be better though. 

The Zakus are conscripts lead by a regular.  The Doms are mostly veterans and regulars.  And the Gun-Suits are regulars lead by the Major, Vishwanand David. 

Anyways, first mission is going to be Guerrila Warfare against the Draconis Combine.  Since this is my first contract ever, I'll be disabling the inability to request things from people.  I'll be up against Regular/D troops, so this should be easy for everyone but the Zakus. 

I might try and snip some pictures out and/or make a story out of this.  I will write more verbosely, but my computer has a habit of crashing, so expect things to be terse.  I will also upload the campaign file.  I am not sure if it will work without the new mechs. 

Edit: I did cheat when I added the mechs by allowing myself all the tech.  We'll see if that makes my mechs overpowered or not.  I don't know if it will or not. 

Edit II: It's a good thing I uploaded this, because the file I have broke. 

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