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Possible to change the date/era banner?
Along the top of the MekHQ window it states the name of the Campaign, the day/month/year, and then in parenthesis the era.  Right now, in the campaign I'm running, it says (Late Succession War - Renaissance).

While this is great as is compared to the past, I've seen a couple times during our campaign where it isn't accurate.  As a GM for the campaign I've got several un-spoiled players taking part and I don't want to reveal certain surprises before they unfold on their own.

The one I'm especially concerned about is the change from Dec 31 3048 to Jan 1 3049, when it says "Clan Invasion".  This does not occur until August that year, and even then the Inner Sphere only gradually becomes aware of it, taking us well into early 3050 before it's clear to everyone.

Where is the era configuration so that I can fine-tune this for our campaign-goers?

Example is attached.  Version we're currently running is 0.43.4

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Possible to change the date/era banner? - by TheVenge - 02-07-2018, 06:46 PM

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