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Looking for Feedback on New Record Sheets
Hi Everyone,

We’ve made some big strides with MegaMeklab in the last couple of years. It’s currently able to build almost all the units and we have plans to implement the Support Vee construction rules from Tech Manual in 2019.  As you know we recently implemented the TRO style entry and that got us thinking about Record Sheets.

We are interested in tackling is a new record sheet and thought we want to get some community feedback on what should be on this new mech (including SH, Tripods) sheet.   Although we want to focus on the mechs first if you have ideas for the other unit types please let us know as well.  

The plan would be to keep the classic record sheet that we currently print, but have an option to print this other sheet. We can’t guarantee we can do everything but are open to ideas.  Mock-ups welcome but not required.

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Looking for Feedback on New Record Sheets - by Hammer - 12-10-2018, 02:53 PM

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