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Battletech Tournament
I know I posted this a while back.  So giving a review of what happened almost a month after is kind of wierd. 

Anyway had a great time running this tournament.  Wasn't a large Tournament, around 10 people, but I had a lot of people come to watch after it already started.  The winner was a veteran battletech player from North Little Rock, AR that won 5 strait matches. 

The most fun tho was me running training matches for all the new players over the weekend.  In the two days that I wasn't running the tournament, I must have GMed 15-20 games.  Around 15 people that have never even heard anything about Battletech joined in had a great time playing for the first time. 

To cap it all off, to finish off the fun on Sunday, I was starting up another game.  I had 3 people wanting to play, and was going to do a two on two match.  We called out in the game room for anyone that wanted to join in on the game.  7 people come over and ask if they can join in.  As a GM i've run some big games, at one point I ran a Mechwarrior 2nd edition game with 7 people, but never have I had 10 people in a signle match, with half of them never playing the game before.  Never to be one to back down from a challenge,  I had each of them pick a Medium mech, purely off the look of the mech.  I then pulled out the Steiner Colussium and had them place the mechs around out the side.

As it started out, there were a few shots here and there.  Then the Hunchback hit with his AC/20 on the Pheinox Hawk, ripping his arm and large laser off in a single shot.  It then became a bull rush on the Hunchback.  In the end it was a lone Cicada that won as the other two remaining mechs, a Griffin and a Centurion, killed each other with thier final shots. 

As I was packing up, getting ready to leave the Con, the father of one of the players came up to me, "I've been playing sense the first edition.  I've got 2 unopened original box sets I gave to my son for his birthday years ago.  I've tried for years to get him to play this game, but not once has he given it a second thought.  Now after one day of gaming with you, he won't shut up about the game and wants to brake open his copy and start playing.  I don't know what you did, but I'm impressed."  He then handed me an unopened copy of the Citytech box.  I've already got an invintation to come back next year. 

Even though my Tournament didn't get as big as I would have wanted it, the fact that I introduced a classic game to a new generation, made the time more than worth it. Here is hoping its even better next year.


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