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Old unit list does not load complete mech list
In the previous release under Linux I created a battalion of mechs, infantry and vehicles. I expanded the size of a lance to 6 from four and called it this orgnanization size a platoon. When I loaded a platoon list (.mul) in the new version in Win7 only three mechs showed up. I checked the mul file in a text editro and all the mechs are listed. Is there a compatibility issue ? Or some of the older IS mechs now illegal? I can upload a platoon .mul file if any wants.
It may help to upload the file. It sounds like the naming conventions could have changed - while it happens more often with clan designs (example: they all are now called 'IS Name (Clan Name)' instead of just 'Clan Name' ie Thor (Summoner) vs just Summoner as of several patches ago) but there have been changes to some IS unit names as well in recent patches - one that comes to mind was the 'Javelin JVN-10F' which is now the 'Javelin JVN-10F Fire Javelin'. I recall because I had to update at least one of my MULs to reflect that change as a result.

I have not run into any issues with loading old MUL files other than unit name changes, or losing an old custom file, so hopefully we will find that is the only issue.
Okay I have uploaded the file. Thanks for the reply.

Attached Files
.mul   Legion el Impious- Hammer Platoon.mul (Size: 3.41 KB / Downloads: 1)
(10-16-2011, 11:50 AM)Lord Marauder link Wrote: Okay I have uploaded the file. Thanks for the reply.

No problem - also, which units aren't loading? Will help me to know where to focus.

Edit: I loaded it up and found the issues:
The BattleMaster IID is now the BattleMaster IID-TF
The Drake DRK-7Z is now the Drake DRK-7Z-TF
The Berserker BRZ-A4 is now the Berserker BRZ-A4-UK

All that needed added were the TFs and UK as applicable and the save works again. I have attached it.

Attached Files
.mul   Legion el Impious- Hammer Platoon.mul (Size: 3.42 KB / Downloads: 1)
Thanks. Why the changes? Well I have alot of work cut out for me then, there is a whole Battalion to update :-).
Those designs aren't canon and were created by different groups so those were added to denote that.
That was actually done way more than a year ago. You must not have updated your MM version for quite some time Wink

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