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More than I can say, I appreciate you guys
Thanks to an insistent friend of mine, I finally gave playing Megamek a shot, back in 2011 or so, and it rekindled my long-dormant love of Battletech that I've had since I was a kid back in the 80s.  Since then, that same friend and I have been running a single, uninterrupted campaign with 8 individual players running their own mercenary units (nearly all newbies to the lore, some newbies to Battletech entirely).  He is the engineer that figures stuff out in the MM client, and researches the new stuff in the later versions, while I write the all the accompanying short stories, mission briefings, and scenarios.  We are both very well versed in the lore, and contribute custom content or otherwise intersect it with the canon.

To top it all off, the group loves it, and wants more.  We started in 3024, and have been through the crucible of the 4th Succession War.  Can't wait to show them the War of 3039 and then -- of course -- the Clans.

But we wouldn't even have the campaign if it weren't for all the hard and meticulous work that you MM crew did and still do to make this reality.  I am continually impressed at the work done on this thing.  I have long believed that Battletech is the most compelling sci-fi I've ever consumed, even with its lumps (ahem, Jihad and Dark Age), but it couldn't come alive in quite the same way for us without MekHQ, the continual improvements there, and the MegaMek client where the action happens.

So... thank you guys!  Jayof9s, Arlith, Taharqa, Ralgith, Hammer... and I am sure I'm forgetting/missing some folks.  It means a lot, this labor of love you do!
Thank you. It is a labor of love for us as well.
I agree with TheVenge!
This must be a large, frustrating project. There is no way you hear "Thank-you" enough.
This is my first time on here as a contributor and a member, although I've been aware of this site - and this project - for a fair while, and I want to repeat and echo the OP's feelings and thoughts as much as possible.  While I am a backer for Harebrained Scheme's online BattleTech work, the fact is that, for me, as interesting and fun as the online stuff is - e.g., Piranha Games has done an absolutely superb job with the designs and worlds for MechWarrior Online, and HBS has shown some equal sharpness by acquiring Piranha's 'Mech constructs - it just ain't gonna match the experience of sitting around a table, rolling dice, and working with people face to face; MegaMek is an excellent effort to bring that experience to an online community.

As I've also posted on the HBS site, I am getting set to begin (for the first time in almost thirty years) a new pen-and-paper BattleTech RPG, set in 3025, with each of the four players creating three 'Mech Pilots, now mercenaries (one per lance in a company), located in the newly-founded Aurigan Reach (yeah, I'm ripping off the HBS online BattleTech premise pretty much wholesale - whatcha gonna do 'bout it?), splitting up 150 tons for 'Mechs within each of the three lances; other than that, I'm following the directives in the 1985 MechWarrior RPG fairly closely.

Anyway, enough of that; one of the reasons I signed on here is to not only interact with a population that shares the same interests and hopefully have a few giggles, but also to hopefully get hold of some resources that seem otherwise unavailable.  One individual on HBS, Timaeus, mentioned that MegaMek has some resources through which we can create our own game maps and then print them out.  Can anyone point out where, on this site, such a thing might be available?  My research has shown that, while there are plenty of maps displaying steppe, desert and mesa environments - and I've got more than a few of them - there don't seem to be any that detail arctic environs.  While I suppose our gang could just use one of the standard maps - "Just pretend that all this brown stuff is snow and there aren't any trees around" - to fill in, I'd much rather be able to design a few of these myself (and yes, I'll be ripping off the MechWarrior Online sites for inspiration; whatcha gonna, you know the rest) and have my local print shop - which is more than familiar with me coming in, sighing when they see me and saying, "Yes, what can we do for you this time...?" - come up with a few of these for our pen-and-paper games.

Other than that, I am very happy to finally sign on here, look forward to the ongoing discussions and collaborations, the occasional stupid joke, and having it out against that Bot controlling the online 'Mechs.  Checking back in soon, and hoping we can get some ideas zipping back and forth. Smile
Thanks for the feedback. We have a Map Editor on the Start Screen of Megamek. Warning it's very klutzy and their should be documentation in the Docs folder, and in the User Creation Subforum.

I would also suggest joining our Slack as we have people their that can help as well.
I am reminded of the fact that I need to give thanks for the last 3 years of entertainment myself. It has been 3 years since I played any other video game.

Thanks Team!

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