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Hotseat play - do I need 2 instances?
I want to play hotseat (2 people on the same computer).  Is there any way to do it in one instance/window?  Flipping back and forth between the two windows can get confusing and tedious.
I am pretty sure the answer is no.  They way I do it if I am playing hot seat is I set up the windows how I like them (position on screen), then quit. MM saves the window layout so if no one touches the window layout, then the windows all lay on top of each other. This way only one player is displayed at once and the alt+tab or clicking on the other window doesn't make you freak out because you have 2 battle field views and you don't know which one is yours. Hope that helps.
Hi all,

sorry for bumping this 2011 thread but yesterday I had the same request playing with a friend. Is there still no hot seat mode since 2011? I'm very new to MegaMek but as far as I understood I can not add a team played neither by me nor by a bot but by a second player after "start a new game".

Beside this: Thank you so much for this great FLOSS Battletech simulator. I didn't play Battletech classic for years but I can not remember playing it so relaxed without any dispute about rule discussions, rolling dices etc... very great!  The way the results of the attack phase is presented is a little bit like reading server log files but I can imagine this was discussed here already.  Smile
Hotseat can be done with running 2 Instances of Megamek on the same machine. Start Megamek and Select "Start a New Game", when the game starts minimize and then start a new version of Megamek, then select Connect to a Game. Make sure the "Your Name" is different, and the server address says "localhost". Hit ok, and then the two instances of Megamek with be running.

You would play in one instance, and then when the other players turn comes up they switch to the other instance.
Got it, thank you!

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