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MekWars Servers
MekWars is a campaign/chat service for Megamek. You can login in there and find many players directly online to play against.

Most servers handle an specific era of BattleTech and you get a "hangar" full of units from that era to play with. The hangar grows and changes as you lose stuff, salvage from opponents or buy from your faction factories.

Here is the link to the tracker, which shows the current active places:
How can you tell what version of MegaMek they are running?

I know it is launched through MekWars client but it would be nice to know.
Download the respective client and start the MegaMek that's included with it.
I was hoping more for a quick list like thing, but I guess that really doesn't matter since you can't switch out versions. No worries. I've seen the error of my ways in thinking I could. :-[

Thanks. MekWars was the first campaign thing I tried out and it was good back then so it is better now than it was back then.
so mekwars is associated with megamek but it has its own site?
MekWars is a sister project. It was developed by many coders that also work in Megamek.
The site you refer to is the one for the "mother" server, the oldest one, called MegamekNet.
Currently there are four active servers. The first three are pretty solid and the fourth one is still in development.

Quote:MEGAMEKNET: This is the oldest and most traditional server. Their campaign is set in 3025 and has mechs from those era as well as the Star League. Their cycles have set objectives which, when attained, mean that a given Faction has won, and thus it gets reset again. It is an excellent place for those who love clear set rules and lance on lance gaming.

THE SHACK: the second oldest, the Shack was created by myself as an answer to a more history/scenario oriented play. As such it is a niche server and has fewer players who play bigger games as well. There we go through time and each cycle starts at a given era (usually the Age of War or early Star League) and goes all the way to the Jihad. Focus is more on unit roleplaying than in "winning the cycle" as that part is actually non-existant. The Shack experiments with a lot of the special TacOps rules and specially combined arms play.

LEGENDS: This server started an year or so ago, inheriting the tradition of "TotalTech", which used to be the Level 2. place and some other servers which came in-between. It is a succesfull, solid server, specially due to their extensive improvements in the MekWars engine (which we hope to see, as it should, shared into the main open source code someday). They concentrate on the Jihad era and have strategic turns which go year by year of the Jihad.

MEKWARS4EVER: Sort of a catch all, this server tries to have a little-something of everything posted above. It is still in its starting phases and it has to be seen if it works out. Of course I wish any starting admin the best of luck.

All MekWars servers have basic interface and terms which can be learned about here:
ok cool so which one would I use for any campaign in 3039 to pre-clan?
Both the Shack as well as MMNet answer that need. The Shack is always "on the flow" though, and currently finishing the Star League era still. MMNet is always on 3025.
Please note that the Legends server has not been working for fetching map data for a month now?

You probably didn't correct the IP adress Mekslayer, which was changed some while ago. Afaik, Legends is currently on but about to get reset again. The Tracker shows it having it usual 230+ games a week.
Ahh am trying new ports and new IP again as we speak.
Ok I am curious here do i have to download anything?
Yes, you need the custom mechwars client that Legends uses.  Go here, and click on Necessary Files:

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