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Playing TAG with Semi-Guided LRMs
thank you for the indirect fire stuff was wondering how that worked.
my issue was that I am in a campaign with three other friends... each of us controls a mech in a lance, and we use individual initiatives and can't just select another persons mech and tell them to go.

@bug report (dunno who this is but i found a bug)
when using TAG to spot it is supposed to ignore the fact that the tagging unit is shooting, and it doesn't (still adds the +1 To Hit that would normally be incurred if the spotter shoots)

P.S. how do you report bugs for MegaMek?
I just want to clarify, what +1 are you suffering that you shouldn't be? Is it the unit firing indirectly or the unit tagging?

I have had instances where I've hit with TAG and used it for indirect fire, all I recall getting a penalty for was the +1 Indirect Attack penalty, which you should still encounter when using standard ammo. My understanding is that using TAG in place of traditional spotting would only remove the movement penalty normally coming from the spotter.

Unless you mean that the unit using TAG is receiving a penalty for tagging Unit A and then firing on Unit B with the rest of their weapons.

Also, for submitting bugs there should be a link on the left side of the main page of 'Report a Bug'
Here is an example of someone using tag to spot for normal LRM's and is shooting: "4 (gunnery skill) + 2 (minimum range) + 1 (indirect fire) + 1 (spotter is making an attack this turn)"

the last +1 should not be there as TAG is stated as ignoring that penalty (TW pg 142).  Under normal spotting this last +1 should be there, but not if TAG is used.
Hm, never had the spotter attacked penalty with regular or tag. Then again I haven't used tag much and if I'm using a spotter it tends to be a designated spotter on the edge of the battle that does nothing else. Sounds like a bug if you were getting it since I wasn't receiving that penalty in recent battles that involved TAG but it was being used in the indirect phase since I also had artillery. Sounds like the issue only pops up if you use tag in the regular combat phase. Hopefully that won't prove to be a difficult fix.

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