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Hullo There
Since i could not find a welcome thread of sorts, I guess I shall just introduce myself here; tl;dr

Sooo... me & battletech. I have never actually 'played' it. The first time I sort of encountered it was a board game me and my cousin both bought a copy of. "Skytech" it was called, with very similar concepts to Battletech. 2000 rubels it cost, clearly remember that. We kind of played it, as best as 8 year olds could... with our own made up rules obviously, and yet we had a shitload of fun.

Later in the summer I moved to the U.S., leaving him behind in Belarus. Have not seen him since.
So I was browsing the local public library later that year... and what do I see - a Mech Warriors book with epic cover art. I pick it up and read the beginning, which was indecently the middle of a battlefield. I was blown away but it was simply above my reading level at that point. (I also read a quarter of Dune which I immensely enjoyed, until I gave up on because of just the sheer size... I had good taste for an 8 year old haha. fck elmo)

Years later, maybe at like 12 I burned through the book series, and I still read the new ones. I remember thinking 'how can there not be a hotseat PC game for this'. So I looked it up and stuff, found Catalyst Labs... but it seemed deserted, like most other sites so I gave up. BUT, then I discovered the wiki..... I spent hours engrossed in reading there. I mean without an actual game to play I built my own, I would have tactical situations... and would customize my personal Mechs for aero fighters for the missions.

You might be wondering how old I am now. I am 16. And I again looked up battletech with my improved googling skills. And discovered MegaMek under development  ;D

I would like to point out that I am NOT a nerd. Play soccer on a team, have a tae-kwon-do black belt and have a non-nerdy girlfriend.

So just to wrap things up... I am likely in the company of only 20+ year olds with ridiculous Ph.Ds on this forum.

*note: I can work java quite well, self taught it. Am pretty comfortable with obj oriented coding... so ill be sure to take a look at the source code.  :Smile

You are probably correct about the 20+ thing, but I doubt many Ph.Ds, not enough time for a Ph.D when you are constantly doing MM or other BT stuff  Wink

You should take a look at it's the official site, with the official forum. With direct access to the authors and line developers. Smile
Speak for yourself. I have a Ph.D. and I think Beerockxs has one now as well. We'z educated.
Does that mean I have to get one, too? Can't hurt.
No PhD here... but a Diploma.

My BT story started similar to yours, Emerick. I played Crescent Hawks´ Revenge (the computer game), read a couple of novels (the Gray Death trilogy and Wolves at the Border first) and reverse-engineered a rules system from that; I was about 15 or 16 at the time. A bit later, I found the only copy of the boxed set I´ve ever seen here in Germany. That was in the mid-90s, and I´ve been playing BT on and off ever since.
(07-07-2011, 02:11 AM)DarkISI link Wrote: Does that mean I have to get one, too? Can't hurt.

Everybody's doing it. It does hurt though.

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