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Looking for campaign players and scenario testers

Given a relatively small number of players in Brisbane , hoping to start a campaign over the net using megamek as playing platform/ skpye etc for communication. Still trying to get the process for scenario building but looking for potential play testers / campaigners , say one round of play per fortnight/ week

Post ideas if you are interested.

cheers Troy
Grantwhy from sunny Townsville checking in.

I'm interested (and in the right time zone for a change). 
I  am interested too.

I like Megamek and campaigns...

hey great to see

i will give it a few days for people to join ( and that I am away with work) so no Megamek on the work computer.

Feel free to send your details to , as in an email I can send stuff through to and confirmation of time zone etc

I will start an email chain with time details for Skype etc to get started.

Cheers Troy

First Round

At thsi stage 2 players and 1 indication may join for the campaign. We are doing a first battle , technical session this week to sort out servers / firewalls etc.  Starting this week ,7.30 Pm Wednesday Night Brisbane Queensland time ( EST), feel free to call troywhelan3269 on Skype at that time, although have not settled on best communication method.

Staring in 3040 a small mercenary company , and will be sending emails to players to save the posts filling up.

Unfortuniately this time is not great for players in the US , unless you happen to be a shift worker or vampire if my calculations are correct. 

Email any interest to


hey are you guys still doing this? i just found out about megamek and me and a friend are looking for ppl to campaign with in brisbane

Hi , I have replied to your email. Next game is 7.30 Wedneswday brisbane Queensland Australia Time.

I will send more details via email.

Cheers troy
I would participate but if my math serves me right, Brisbane is +10 GMT and I am -7 GMT.  So 19:30 Wed is 2:30 Wed morning. Too bad I have to sleep for work the next day.  Have fun though.  I hope someone's mech explodes from engine hits when it is kicked. (Cool image if you think about it.)
I would LOVE to join this campaign! If you guys are still running it then could you please send the details to

Hope to see you on the field!

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