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[Interest Check] Old fashion Battletech Tournament
Sorry for the lack of response lately.  Been crunching to get my page up for my Tourny in August. 
But I think I've got the idea for my Megamek Tourny.  So maybe we can get started soon.  Feel free to discuss your suggestions.  FYI though, as the first Tourny I'm running here I want to keep it fun, but as simple as possible.

Thinking a Clan Double elimination sounds like a plan.  Not only will it make the battles fast and brutal.  But Most of the early Clan Mechs are designed for duels.  This should help to minimize the outright advantage of Laserboats. 
Basic Rule Setup(subject to change before the Tourny starts):
-The choice of mechs will be from TRO 3050.  Configs will be limited to Pre Invasion configs(e. no HAG, Heavy Lasers, ATMs, Plasma Cannons)
-Each round will be a best of 3 match.  You must choose a different Mech for each match.  Must be a different Chassis, can not be the same mech with a different config.(You can pick the same model once the next round starts)
-I will roll to assign Mech weights for each round.  You will have to pick a mech in that weight class.
-Each Pilot will be given a Gunnery/Piloting of 3/4
-Each Pilot will be randomly Determined to be the Hunter/Hunted.  The Hunted will be allowed to choose the map. They are then to pick the Mechs and what order the fights will be done.  The Hunter will then pick his mechs along with a single weather condition(I will have a list). 

Thats the basics I'm looking for.  Looking it over for now.  I'll put together a time frame for sign up and for each round.

Oh oh... so if this thread gets dropped, I will pick it up if players are really looking for a Megamek tournament.

Because the range and amount of disparity between clan mechs is so great, it more likely that I would run this as a IS tournament. One thing I would like to find out is if players would rather have a canon mech tourney or a Solaris 7 style of custom mech tourney?

As for single or double elimination... I am good with a double elim tourney, but with the likelyhood that the overall tourney winner will be someone who has not lost a match. Because it seems like the the tourney will be players as one mech vs one mech or two mechs vs two mechs, I still believe that if we use a modest size map of 2x1 the games should be over in less that 10-15 turns or less so still doing a best of three match is very doable, especially if one player is able to win two matches in a row.

So, what I have been considering is doing this as a house by house tourney.

What that means is, I will give a list of mechs from one specific house, that players can choose from for each round of the tourney. For example the first round might be light and Medium mechs from house Liao only, the second round might be Medium and heavy mechs from House Davion Only, etc...

All rounds would be done with a different BV limit which I would announce before each round of combat.

depending on the number of players, we would do a round robin tourney if there are few players, or a double elim tourney if we get a lot of players signed up.


Indeed Slayer, if that is what it comes to then I definitely want to play. Big Grin

I've found MekWars so I am not sure my strategic campaign has any legs at this point. You know where to find me if you want to ask my opinion. (:
I personally prefer IS mechs, between tech level 1 and 2, just because Clan, particulaly the well designed ones, have such overwhelming firepower.  And since their range profiles on their weapons are so much better, and their pulse/Targeting computers better also, it becomes less of tactics and more of who can nuke the other first.  With IS mechs, which I like custom mechs myself, you have to maneuver for advantage, decide to jump or not to jump, balance your target number VS the modifiers you will give them.  It becomes a deadly dance, and not a Laser boxing match.  As I do like the idea of house matches, is there some way you can allow limited customization of those specific mechs?  I prefer to ignore all SRM's (unless optional heat rule with Inferno's is used with them, then they become a BIT too powerful) and think LRM 5's are a waste of space. And small lasers to me are filler for when I cant use .5 tons any other way.  Some IS mechs are just HORRIBLY designed, and really need a workover to be useful.
That's the issue to me with lvl 1 tech, literally every mech is terribly designed. I could do better than those mechs with max armor and a reasonable amount of heatsinks. Most cannon mechs have heavy weapons that do not fit well with their ranges. Way better off to drop these SRM2s and LRM5s for a handful of medium lasers.

Infernos are way too powerful imo if we want a low tech battle. Infernos + single heatsinks? No thank you, that will probably be unbearable and insanely abuse-able. Although I really like the idea of SRM2s for smoke warheads. Really I'd prefer we air towards caution than include something that will be abused.
Hey great responses guys.

Ok so if we do this with IS tech, then perhaps we can do two tournaments, with the first one with those imperfect canon mechs and the later second one with customized mechs. I also agree with Shadow Hawk, we should do this IS tech tourney without inferno's and for that matter, perhaps rule that no special ammo be used. Thoughts?

So what I am thinking is to do this with 2 mechs per player (like in Solaris 7) from a specific house for each round of the tourney, played using best two of three matches, with win percentages determining a winner.

So main question I should ask is, what is the order of houses to play each round in...

I am thinking that since we are still a smallish number of players, we will stick with a round robin style of play.

So what do yo guys think, would it be acceptable for everyone to play the house tournament(s) in this house order:

House Liao
House Marik
House Davion
House Kurita
House Steiner

Let me know if you think the order should be changed.

The next item which I think we discuss and agree upon are the rules settings of megamek, Here are the ones which I think should be turned on or off:

Default Rules Settings:
Double Blind on.
TacOps firing while prone. 
TacOps Direct Blow.
Tacops Glancing Blow.
TacOps Taking Damage.
TacOps Backwards Movement (Expanded).
TacOps Careful Stand.
TacOps Sprinting?

Let me know if there are any other strong preferences.

Lastly, once the rules are more firmly in place I will begin to post on other forums and recruit more players.

Ok, since there were no objections to the choices and rules selections,
all that's left that we need to do is choose a BV, that we all like.

So in the interest of fairness, what BV for level 2 canon IS mechs, two mechs per player do you guys wish to use for the first round of the tourney using House Liao Mechs?

3K or 4K or 5K BV?
or some other number.

Keep in mind that all pilot skills can be adjusted for this tourney, but you must keep the same mechs for each house tourney, though I might allow you to change pilot skills as long as you stay below the max BV we choose.

So whoever is in this tourney that picks the BV for the first round of this tourney, for house Liao, from my suggested range of BV's above, will get to choose the BV for the first round of this tourney.

Once the BV is selected I will begin a new post for the House Liao Tourney and list all the mechs which you have to choose from, then we will begin to create the draw for the tourney, may the best mech pilots win. All mechs will be canon from a list of house mechs.

I say we start at 3000-3250.  Any unused BV could then be converted to a - 1 piloting for every 200 not used, and -1 gunnery for every 500 not used.  Or various perks/skills.  Or not, your choice.
(06-12-2013, 03:38 PM)hungrygnome link Wrote:I say we start at 3000-3250.  Any unused BV could then be converted to a - 1 piloting for every 200 not used, and -1 gunnery for every 500 not used.  Or various perks/skills.  Or not, your choice.

Ok, in the interest of being different, the Maximum BV for your two mechs for the tourney is 3250 BV of House Liao mechs. 

As for your suggestion hungrygnome, Megamek already factors in BV changes due to pilot changes.

We will most likely use the latest dev version of Megamek that has available Megamek servers out there, so that hosting megamek will not be an issue.

The Megamek servers we are most likely to be using, can be found here:,73.0.html

or later versions as the server versions change.

The new thread will have details of the tourney.

The Draw will be determined randomly.

All players should repost their interest in the new thread.

All contestants will be given 2 weeks to finish their matches with their opponents. Matches are best 2 out of three battles. If contestants finish only one battle after the two weeks is over, and stop amidst the second battle, then the winner of the first battle will be declared the winner if no arrangement is made to complete the match.

More details to come in the new post.
So far, I have found mech tables for 3050, 3055, 3058, and 3060 for all houses.

These tables may or may not be complete, but for the sake of simplicity, I will use them unless someone else has a better idea or can suggest a better place to go for more complete tables.

So the next question that I will put to the group is what year do we wish to run the first tournament, 3050, 3055, 3058, or 3060?

The first person to answer gets to decide.



You can search by house, by era, etc... is also a good one for looking up all the varients.
How 'bout 3050.
(06-13-2013, 10:10 AM)hungrygnome link Wrote:

You can search by house, by era, etc...

Sorry Hungrygnome... the master unit list cannot sort by mechs that are 3050 and earlier and if you choose a house, its not clear that it works. If you try it you get mechs up through 3060, which was not what I was looking for. Its and specific date house tournament.

I f you wish to earch all of Sarna to come up with a list, that would be great.

According to the resource I used this list is for 3050 mech and before. just ignore the numbers after the mechs name from RUS.

FS9-H Firestarter,45
HSR-300-D Hussar,10
JR7-D Jenner,80
JR7-F Jenner,50
J -10P Javelin,20
LCT-1L Locust,50
LCT-1V Locust,80
LCT-3M Locust,40
RVN-1X Raven,30
RVN-3L Raven,40
STG-3R Stinger,120
STG-5M Stinger,110
UM-R60 UrbanMech,80
UM-R60L UrbanMech,40
UM-R63 UrbanMech,80
WSP-1A Wasp,40
WSP-1L Wasp,40
WSP-3M Wasp,40

BJ-2 Blackjack,20
CDA-2A Cicada,50
CLNT-1-2R Clint,50
CLNT-2-3T Clint,40
D 6D Dervish,30
DV-7D Dervish,40
HBK-4G Hunchback,40
HBK-4P Hunchback,20
PXH-1 Phoenix Hawk,70
PXH-3M Phoenix Hawk,40
TBT-5N Trebuchet,30
VL-2T Vulcan,30
VND-1AA Vindicator,40
VND-1R Vindicator,110
VND-3L Vindicator,80
WTH-2 Whitworth,40
WVR-6R Wolverine,40

ARC-2R Archer,40
CPLT-C1 Catapult,60
CPLT-C3 Catapult,40
CPLT-C4 Catapult,4
CRD-3R Crusader,25
CRD-5M Crusader,40
CTF-1X Cataphract,50
CTF-2X Cataphract,20
CTF-3L Cataphract,80
GHR-5H Grasshopper,30
GHR-5J Grasshopper,40
JM6-S JagerMech,50
MAD-3R Marauder,40
ON1-K Orion,30
ON1-VA Orion,20
QKD-4H Quickdraw,20
RFL-3N Rifleman,20
WHM-6L Warhammer,40
WHM-6R Warhammer,40
WHM-7M Warhammer,40

AS7-D Atlas,40
AWS-8Q Awesome,30
BLR-1G BattleMaster,70
BLR-3M BattleMaster 0
BNC-3E Banshee,50
CGR-1A5 Charger,40
CGR-1L Charger,60
CGR-3K Charger,40
CP-10-Q Cyclops,30
CP-11-A Cyclops,40
GOL-1H Goliath,40
STC-2C Striker,30
STC-2D Striker,10
STK-3F Stalker,50
STK-4N Stalker,30
STK-4P Stalker,40
STK-5M Stalker,40
Sounds great. A few questions...

Can you link new signup thread if it exists? Don't want to miss that ofc. I think you said after we finalize tourney rules you will make a sign up thread?
I see the 3L up there, any idea what EWE rules are we using?
We are doing hunter hunted? What is the BV max, or does the hunter just need to match the hunted? If not hunterhunted, then some kind of blind pick?
Are we going to buy piloting/gunnery or some other way?

- Def pumped this is getting put together, ty Mekslayer.
- The 3050 list looks cool. I guess one will have to use the later tech versions to be competitive. The earlier canon mechs will likely be filler imo. For example the LCT-3M is strictly superior at 525 compared to the 1L 474 BV. Is anyone realistically going to save 200 by buying the 6L/6R warhammer instead of the 7M? Very unlikely imo, double heatsinks will well be worth it.
are we using the 1.0 or the 2.0 BV system?
definitely 2.0 BV system... as i recall BV1.0 had the huge debacle of having flamers reduce your BV
I'm interested in playing, I'm fairly sure it was hard to drop bv with flammers but it was possible machine guns.

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