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Interest check - strategic battletech/aerotech campaign
Concept - Hey all, I've had an idea for sort of galactic civilization style empires set in the battletech universe where each player is the ruler of a space nation with resources specializations and so on. The plan would be to make a galactic map with the light years distance and maybe assume that you could travel 20xSoL from place to place using the gravity wellpoints as described in Sarna. Probably we will use a pregen map with specific planets so we don't have to deal with imbalance with the maps.

The time period will probably be 3055. I'm going with the assumption the player factions are the only factions except npc ones if needed. Canon Factions will not exist except clan and innersphere as two groups. IDC if a clan is allied with a specific innersphere nation.. even if they hold themselves at a distance. I'm not really expecting this to be clan versus inner sphere.

The game will allow for various play styles.. aquatic/specific environment focus, military focus, aerospace, deception and so on. I am going to prevent heavy stacking of one area. Light roleplaying will be expected, let's keep the suspension of disbelief and work together a  little on the backgrounds of the nations (who is friend enemy and so on). Together we can rule some space empires. Smile

Mechanics - I think the way I will do the rulers is you will get a base kit (depending clan or IS) with a number of specializations to choose (mbe 8 specializations). There will be various tags associated with each 'nation attribute/skill' and you will be capped at like 2 or 3 per tag to prevent stacking of military/econ skills. I will  provide some premade maps if you do not have time to do that much... IDK if it is too hard to get an extra map we may be limited to the ones that are already made.

You will also get to pick a number of aerospace, mech, infantry (100k BV mechs, 100k BV aerotech, 100k dropships, 40k m3/1light year transportation, 10k freebies to spend on improving the other attributes, etc),  defenses, fortifications (is the base underwater or in the mountains? Do you have sensory satellites and warp fold detectors? pros and cons for each). Unless improved by specilizations, it will be assumed that you can purchase 'standard technology' of the time, or perhaps you have allies to buy weapons from..

Scheduling - I can play eastern times afternoon (4pm)/night(8pm) Monday Thursday and Saturday, or afternoon Tuesday. I would imagine the game would be a couple hours by skype text chat with MegaMek to do battles. I'm not sure if I want to cap 1 MegaMek battle per week and roll the rest of the combat.. but that seems like a possibility. I'm really open to possibilities here.

Note about text RPG - The only thing  I will say, if you want to agree to a specific time, everyone has things that come up, the kids ask about homework or whatever.. That is completely ok. But the time we play is not rpg/playing a video game/making dinner while browsing facebook time. Please be considerate of other players and I reserve the right to remove idlers who slow the game down, people who miss a lot of weeks and/or don't participate.
I will sign up for this, if you really get this going... though from your description, it sounds more like a grandiose idea that will take lots of effort and a great deal of your commitment to implement... otherwise its probably not worth the effort of throwing out the idea...

I would look into the rules in Combat Operations or wait for StratOps to come out for the revised rules.  Combat Operations has some rules for running Nations using the Inner Sphere in Flames rule set.  The rules could use some tweeking but it gives you a good idea of what your wanting to do.  It also uses a pretty nice set of rules for running abstract battles, again needing some tweeking.  Trying to run battles with Megamek on this scale boggs down the game to the point of being unplayable.
Yeah I guess if there is not a simpler way to do things, then I will probably go with a CCG style for the planets and nations. The 'avatar' would be either the nations ruler or you could substitute the battle with one general/admiral per 'turn'. Probably will allow for at least 3 generals if you don't upgrade your military leadership. If we can maybe get a couple more people then I will try to finalize the rules. I'll definitely check out Combat Operations and give you my take.

What days work for ya'll? I forgot Monday nights aren't good for me but Tuesday night is good. That leaves Monday afternoon, Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday. I'd prefer not to run Thursday or Saturday if we have college kids playing... I know realistically no one shows up to those nights. Big Grin IDK I suppose we could just run people's battles and turns as time permits for everyone.
Probably we need a couple more people and the times we will play, then we can exchance skype or similar?
I will throw all of the yes at you for the chance to play this! thewulfle is my Skype! Hit me up and we will shoot some baddies!

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