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Loading Planetary Data crash

I had been using MekHQ v 0.1.20 for a while, and I read about the logistics improvements in the 0.3.x release. So I downloaded it. Now, whenever I try to load a campaign, or start a new campaign, it goes to "Loading Planetary Data" and crashes out (no error message, it just goes away). So I downloaded the "stable" 0.2.0 and installed that. Still drops out when I try to open anything.

I'm using a windows Vista laptop, and never had issues with 0.1.20. What other information is needed to diagnose this issue?
OK, apparently the OLD 0.1.20 version still works by clicking on an executable jar file, but the MEkHQ application still crashes when I try to use it...
Are you extracting the new version into an entirely new directory? You should not be putting the new version in the same place as the old version. The new version should be put in a new folder all by itself.

That was the first thought I had. The second thought is to re-download MekHQ again since you might have gotten a corrupted download thanks to randomness with signals and electricity and such.

Hope that helps. Smile
Did you change the planets.xml or factions.xml files in the data/universe folder? Because both files included with the releases you mentioned work fine and will not cause any errors.
Installing to a new folder seems to have worked. Not sure why, but ok!

Game On!
SWEET! Another problem solved.

My rule of thumb is always use a new folder. Smile
Yes, the rule of thumb is to never install over a previous version.

Sometimes you can get away with it and MM/MHQ/MML will work fine and copying over saves you from copying a few custom units over. But more often than not it will lead to some unexpected issues and errors that you would not encounter with a fresh install (and leads to bug reports for issues that don't exist).

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