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Looking for people to play with
Hello I'am new to MegaMek but not to battletech i have always enjoyed playing all the games i have recently found MegaMek and was looking for people who like to play this game a lot

my skype is Bomerman10

and my steam name is =DNP= Bomberman104

Keep my name in mind, I'm Nevaron2 on steam.  I have an odd schedule but we can discuss that, see if we can find a good time.  Drop me a line sometime  8)
Skype is thewulfle and I would enjoy playing any time and any day!

Fluent english, no other languages, up late!
i'm up to play as much as i can. send me a pm. and i'll get you my contact info.
I'm interested in playing too. . .don't really skype or IM, but feel free to reach out with best way to contact and what types of battles you like to play (my personal preference is Clan era, pre-Jihad, but I'm open to anything). Thanks, and look forward to hearing from you--
Hello im new to megamek and still relatively new to bt so if you want to bash a newbie just go ahead ;-) skype name is molchior steam is Killerguppy looking foreward to play with you guys :-D
I would like to play with you guys , I will contact with you .
I am in for playing with all you guys...

What is your contact info Tomshaski?

Mekslayer with Skype.
Pretty new player here, ready to be bloodied!

Name: Dohon
Availability: Evening/night during week/weekend (variable)
Timezone: GMT +1 (Western Europe)
Skilllevel: Green
Contact: Steam = Dohon / Skype = sargedohon / Forum PM
Timezones? Or time of day usually available? Like Pacific weekday evenings. Smile

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