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RogueMek - The Battletech inspired Roguelike
No. Thank-YOU! And i will try to patiently wait for DFA and Charges... but I really wanna DFA a Locust!
(10-07-2013, 06:59 PM)Ironnerd link Wrote:No. Thank-YOU! And i will try to patiently wait for DFA and Charges... but I really wanna DFA a Locust!

well today's your lucky day. Feel free to test out what I have in development here:

the "vvv" symbols under a mech means they are prone, "^^^" means jumping. To charge or DFA, just move in the direction of an enemy mech and it will happen.  Only known bug with it is if you charge/DFA an enemy and there's another enemy opposite them, they will end up in the same hex. That's about the only thing left for me to address before I push this live.
Ohh... that is SO much fun!!!!
I've finalized the DFA/Charging code and its now live! Have fun falling over!
I've played this game a few times and I love it!  I'm looking forward to some lance-on-lance engagements, and some more 'mech configs and tech levels.  Nice job Smile
Just uploaded the latest version, the map is now randomly generated each game!  Yet another big thanks to the MegaMek developers for their open source code!

Note: if you played the game before, your browser may have cached some files and the game board may appear broken. If this happens just force your browser to reload with Shift+F5.
I've pushed a long awaited update just now!

- Tracked down and fixed the negative elevation display bug. It had a 5% chance of creating negative elevations, so now they will be properly set to positive numbers when that does happen.

- Fixed heat sinks not in the legs not giving extra heat dissipation when in level 2 or deeper water depth

- I've put back in the old Arena map since the AI seems to handle it better than random elevation. You can still launch battles in a randomly generated map, but to do so you'll need to pick that option in the Custom Battle menu.

- Minor improvements to AI decision making skills.
hmm... BBS door game anyone?
Just released a minor update, when I tried playing as the Annihilator which has only 1 AP per round, I found it was unable to enter or exit even level 1 depths of water.  I discovered some logic that was increasing the AP cost too much when moving around water so I've fixed it and updated live.  Enjoy!
Now what could this possibly be Smile

(09-12-2014, 10:02 PM)CapperDeluxe link Wrote: Now what could this possibly be Smile

A poorly received 1995 Kevin Costner movie? (Water world)
(09-13-2014, 09:40 AM)Arlith link Wrote: [quote author=CapperDeluxe link=topic=1309.msg11478#msg11478 date=1410573728]
Now what could this possibly be Smile

A poorly received 1995 Kevin Costner movie? (Water world)

LOL... Yeah I'm working out right now why it decided the best match was water instead of plains as the base.  But it did give me a great idea for a flooded city map!
Coming along, no more Waterworld. More like Field of Dreams now Smile

[Image: 15543421381_4c5ee9b8b4_o.png]rogumek-dev-20141015

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