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QuadVees and Colossal Class Mechs, but still no LAMs
So for those of you that haven't checked it out yet.  Field Manual: 3145 has rules for constructing and playing as both the Hell's Horses' QuadVees and the Republics Colossal Class mechs.  But still no mention of updated rules for LAMs. 
I know there was something stated that new rules will be in IO, but if thats so why the rules for these new mech types pushed to be added FM:3145? 

Also on a realated note.  Are there any plans(once released and the 3-6 month time has passed) to add QuadVee and LAM rules to Megamek?
BeeRockxs started to code in the Superheavy mechs and new technology (but not the Quad-Vees).  I'm sure that they will be included at some point.

LAM's can be constructed currently, in fact in the most current release the Mech form of them are in.  But there any conversion and special movement rules are not coded.

Unfortunately I don't have a timeline for all that to be complete and included.
Thanks Hammer, this was more a general bitch about the lack of support from Catalist for LAMs.  I've got a player that wants nothing more than play a LAM pilot.  But because currently there are no clear rules I'm not letting them play them.  I'm hoping Quadvees will slate his transforming mech lust for a while until IO comes out(my odds are some time in 2016).

I can't wait to see some of the 3145 mechs in Megamek.  Wasn't as much a fan of the Darkages when everything was centered on the Republic and Converted Agro Mechs were the mainstay of militaries.  But after checking out some of the new stuff in the FM:3145 and the Era report, I'm liking this chaotic time.
Just out of curiosity, what's wrong with the old rules for LAMs (Rules of Warfare, p74)?

EDIT: Nevermind, I saw in a different thread that they changed the hit locations for aerospace fighters in Total Warfare, a book I don't own.

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