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played in the 90's looking to relearn and Join a campaign
I used to play Battletech back in the 90's I know I'm getting old haha. Looking to relearn how to play and build mechs and then get into a campaign, If anyone is willing to take me under their wing so speak and get me up to speed I would appreciate it. Pretty much just need to know what I need to start playing on megamek since none of my friends have any interest in actually playing tabletop anymore. Consider me green since I have been out of the game for so long, I am a quick learner though.
I'm in a similar situation... I started playing in the 80s, and took a break from about '98 til just recently.
I've been playing against the bot for the last couple of weeks, so I've got a pretty good handle on using MegaMek, and I've been fooling around with MekHQ and MekLab. I haven't even tried playing against a person yet, so I'd have to fumble through the connection process. I don't know about starting a campaign, but I'd be interested in some single matches, which might help you get started moving in the direction you're lookimg for. PM me and we can try to set something up.
Check out my Campaign hosting forum. You can apply to any campaigns that have an application section/thread, or post in the general area that you're looking for a campaign. I believe the Hawk's Ronin campaign is looking for another player, but I'm not sure. I know Cameron's Legacy and McAlister Marshals are not.
You guys are welcome to PM or IM me, as I have recently found more time to play some Megamek.

I do run an ongoing campaign, which I have not ended, but it more of a simple campaign, where you have a randomly generated unit in terms of tonnage, and you pick the 3025 tech mechs that you want, and you play against other players. Nothing fancy but easy to maintain and track.

Anyhow find me and we can have a game sometime.


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