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4th Succession War and beyond
Hi All,

    Looking for 1-2 more players for a shared campaign/opfor.  Basic premise: each player will play a merc unit affiliated with a single House.  Starting year, 3028, the dawn of the 4th Succession War.  We have 3 players for sure, with only House Kurita claimed definitely.  Others are more open (though I'm hoping to play FWL this time around, I'm willing to bend).

If interested, please contact me via pm.  TS Hawk also posted on the boards over at CGL too...

There would be pvp games in this between units, so some battles may get ugly...
should note; it will jump from period to period as each war and contracts end.  So, for those of you that like the more high tech stuff; no worries!  You'll get your chance! 

You can also post here rather than pm if you want.
have the players for now, thanks for the interest for those that replied (should have posted this days ago).  May expand it in future to other states - or the clans once they arrive.  Will let folks know.

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