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New game!
Give me a good time and day and we'll set it up! If we could get 3+ people in the game then that would be really great!

My Email is and my Skype is thewulfle
I'm new, so I'd like to play if this gets going.
I am game too.... and I have been thinking about having a grinder like Steve Restless organized.

i'm up for a game. i've just started using the program so i'd need so i'd need a bit of guidance as to connecting. other then that i'm good to go.
I'd be keen too ... in Melbourne here
Has anything come of this yet? I've been playing the bot and have gotten bored. . .only so many times one can play it and have the game still seem new. It'd be great to play against other real players.

I live in the PST and would love to set up a regular game with other folks. Please reply if you guys have actually set something up. Thanks!

We have been playing ascot... But we can only see if u r are by your skype... Turn it on and find us.


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