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Sourceforge vs Github (don't kill me, please!)
Well hello there everyone!

A short disclaimer:
If this is a hot topic or it has already been discussed (search didn't come up with anything) just tell me to shut up and I'll be happy to oblige.
Also I'll be first in line to say that I'm biased towards git and Github since I use it daily at work.

On to the meat, shall we?
I suppose using SVN and Sourceforge is based on the fact that it was what was available when the project was started?
What I'd like to know is if a switch to Github is imaginable?
(For what it's worth there have been, and still are, a bunch of open source projects migrating from sourceforge to github)
Also there's the possibility of switching from SVN to git (Github supports both SVN and git, afaik)
Git is linux based and I could see that being a problem (though there is a decent git for windows by now and most IDEs should support using git/github repositories - I think at least Eclipse and IntelliJ do)
I'm not trying to start a sourceforge vs github flame war kind of thing (and I honestly apologize in the case that I should), I'm just curious since git/Github are, in my heavily biased opinion, easier to use and might attract more people willing to help in development (if that is actually desirable for the dev team).
Also, for the love of all that is holy, it's incredible how hard a time I have navigating sourceforge Sad

Anyway, if it's a 'never change a running system' kind of deal, disregard all of this and I'll go back into my corner.

Well I suppose all that is left is to thank you for bearing with my pretty much unrelated wall of text (and hopefully not murdering me) Smile
I use both for one of my projects. Git is a bit of a beast those. Also, is setup for Git and a few others
github only recently started supporting binary releases, and also had and subsequently removed that feature a while later without any warning. That makes me a bit wary. We're also pretty happy with the bug tracking system, and see no reason to move to github.
We are always interested in more developers, but have recently gained a few new developers without having to change to git/github. We also wouldn't have to migrate to github to use git, sourceforge also supports git. We just haven't felt the need to switch to git, because we're happy with the features SVN offers us.
If it isn't broken...
Besides, if you do pick up a dev who prefers git there is always git2svn though I have never used it (whatever IT is) myself.
(01-30-2014, 11:47 PM)pheonixstorm link Wrote: Besides, if you do pick up a dev who prefers git there is always git2svn though I have never used it (whatever IT is) myself.

git2svn is for the repositories I think. To convert a repo of one type to another.
hmmm I know there is something to let you use a git program to commit to svn, thought that was the name...
As someone who has dabbled around played with both, I don't really care. I've had less experience with github vs SF so I have no idea there.

And it is true that git has some sort of extra optional "thingy" (not sure what to call it) that can interface with svn repositories.

Or you can be crazy like some and use git to make a personal local computer repo from which you can branch, merge, jump around, and partially commit to, but then make sure that you are careful when updating to the network repo using svn. I believe there is a pdf about this somewhere on the internet. (Might even be in the back of some "How to learn Git" manual.)

Final thought: svn seems to be doing just fine as does SF. git to svn "thingy" seems to allow git people to still develop with svn people. So what are the benefits to any switch? I can't really see any BIG ones. What are the headaches if a switch does occur? I have no clue.
My personal preference is git, but I think this falls under "don't fix what's not broken."  Unless there's a tangible reason to migrate to git, I don't think it's worth it. 
As someone that is used to SVN, I feel like this when using Git.
[Image: VQcG7bP.gif]
Some of you might understand what I mean. ;D

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